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Awkward relations

Posted Feb 17, '14 at 8:00pm



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Well, I have this friend wait, not friend, I mean ugh. Let me start over. So I have this friend but she's a little more than a friends to me, I mean it's not like if LOVE her it's just, I don't know why I'm telling you this but never mind. I shouldn't of brung it up. I guess I tried y'know? Really all that matters anymore, as time passes we all wither away. If we spend to much time building up to that moment when everything perfect and that amazing moment doesn't come. What do we do then? About that friend. she was my crush but she isn't exactly here anymore. Call me crazy but sometimes I feel like she is. And-and it's great.


Posted Feb 17, '14 at 11:47pm



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We already have a relationship-based thread. Please put your story here. This is the Art, Music and Writing section, and you likely won't get any feedback here.

Also, if you specifically want an answer, I suggest posting this on Yahoo! Answers. It has a whole division for awkward questions such as this. For now, copy/paste this to the link I posted above.


Posted Feb 18, '14 at 10:10am



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It's a literature piece.

Though I don't quite identify what it is OP? I can imagine it as an introductory monologue in a play though, sorry if that's not what you meant it to be! It has a strong emotional vibe to it. I suppose if you can give a little more explanation for it, or on your next piece, we could give more critique. ^^


Posted Feb 20, '14 at 12:14pm



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Hmm it does seem a bit short at the moment to give feedback, if you extend it with more explantion of the plot and general direction it could be understood better.

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