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Posted Feb 27, '14 at 6:33pm



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I just thought of making this topic about Venezuela's situation right now.

Things here are in a bad shape right now, there are being protest since february 12th and it has been getting uglier every day.

The first day two people were killed the same way, bullet to the head, by the police. The government is repressing people in a brutal way every day.

The media is censored since it all belongs to the government, while people are dying in the street the media doesn't show any of this.

Days ago, opposition leader Leopoldo López was imprisoned by Nicolas Maduro and was charged with terrorism and many other charges.
It's been fifteen days since it all started, the GNB (Guardia Nacional Bolivariana) *the army*, I don't exactly know how to say it, have been capturing students for protesting peacefully and torturing them.

Yesterday a citizen (woman) was protesting peacefully in front of the GNB, they grabbed the woman and with the helmet hit her head several times. Today, the girl who was being attacked by the GNB was charged with aggression towards the GNB.

This is clearly a dictatorship, and people are still in the street protesting today and will keep protesting. This is getting out of hand, but this government needs out.

12 people have been killed since february 12th, the governmet doesn't seem to care about that, in fact, they say ''nothing is happening''.

You can search all over twitter or just the internet images about what's going on, I would post some but I don't have in this computer.


Posted Feb 27, '14 at 7:11pm



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Venezuela had this kind of problems since a while ago i think jsut that the situation now turned more dangerous also Venezuela had that dictatorship but now the dictatorship has beeing growing up too much .


Posted Feb 27, '14 at 8:11pm



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I've been hearing and seeing things about it all over the web. Scary stuff =/

If you really are from Venezuela as your profile suggests, stay safe buddy. I hope the best for your country


Posted Feb 28, '14 at 9:18am



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IDK how does discussing Venezuela in here would help the dictatorship to fade, other then raising protest around the world. But here's what i think; you guys need to mount an armed revolution like the one in the middle eastern states. that's the only possible way to overthrow the pigheaded, brutal, unethical government of yours. don't know how you'll accomplish that though


Posted Mar 1, '14 at 5:14am



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Perhaps for something of a different perspective: RoarMag, An anarchist perspective on the protests in Venezuela.

Mind you, I'm not always fond of RoarMag's particular perspective, or their being quick to claim "anarchist" angles where those seem to be by all accounts marginal at best; but for your information, indeed. Note how this piece is taken from a third-party site, where it is entitled somewhat less roaringly Brief summary of Venezuelaâs situation for curious people and/or the poorly informed (by one Rafael Uzcátegui, whom they say nonetheless writes for the Venezuelan autonomous-anarchist newspaper El Libertario).

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