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The way this thread works is I will say a subject and you tell the 5 things you like related to the subject. For example I say restaurants and you say 5 restaurants that you really love.

You don't have to do only 5. You can do more, you can do less, I don't really care. Just make sure you're on the topic of the subject.

Now with that out of the way let's get this started. The topic is restaurants, tell of your favorite restaurants.

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1) That place I go to sometimes to eat pizza.
2) That place I go to sometimes to eat asian food that my mom didn't cook.
3) That place I go to sometimes to eat food that doesn't have a particular theme.
4) That place I go to sometimes to eat sandwiches.
5) That place I go to sometimes to eat fake Italian food.

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Restaurants, this will be interesting. Some places are very local and some places are large chains, so it will be interesting to hear about the places unknown to me from other peoples entries.

For my top five restaurants, I don't think I have any. I might be able to put different fast food places I like in order, but I wouldn't count those as restaurants.

There aren't really any restaurants near where I live that are head and shoulders above the others. There are a few bad ones that I avoid, but other than that I tend to select my restaurants based on what type of food I am in the mood for, how much money I have, and whether or not I have just recently eaten at a certain location. So that's my top five, any restaurant that isn't horrible or dirty lol.

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Hrmmmm, Top 5.

1) In and Out Burger- It's basically the best Burger planet on the planet. Need to go back to the west coast so I can go back.
2) El Pinto- It's a really good New Mexican food spot in ABQ. Last time I went though I didn't feel well but I was still able to enjoy it.
3) Owl Cafe- Another spot in ABQ. Really good milkshakes and good food.
4)Le Peep- Probably the best breakfast spot that I know of. Really good hot chocolate and I believe it is in most of the states.
5)Tucanos Brazilian Grill- Just picture yourself with unlimited amazing meat coming to you. The pineapple is to kill for also.

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1) Good Burger
2) Krusty Krab
3) Gusteau's
4) Cartman Burger
5) McRonalds

I think they speak for themselves.

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I like restaurants that have nice customer service and don't have a long wait for food.

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