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Sorry to open yet another thread about this topic. But I have been unable to find anything specific to my issue :[

I am level 100 and looking how to progess a bit faster.
Is it possible if someone could guide me to a starter stage with a strategy for an early game mana farm also what skills and traits I should be using. My most exp from a stage is only 250 K :[

Thank you in advance :]

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ok, so... I'm new to this mana-farm thing and I'm almost lvl 260 and no MP and have unlocked all the skills I could so far.

Have you got any tips for me on how to make a mana farm? (obviously I am not expecting one as good as one made with MP, but I am willing to try the basics of whatever I can make ATM).

PS. Highest level gem I've ever made in this game: 14

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