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Gemcraft CS: Masonry is bugged.

Posted May 1, '14 at 12:39pm



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I just got 15 talisman fragments with +1 to all skills upgraded, so i tried getting Masonry up. At level 60, it says it gives -100% to gem socketing time, so it should be instant. But it's not. Quicker than previous levels, yes, but not instant, takes like 2-3 seconds at 1x speed.

And I thought I could no longer care about resocketing beacons and possessed giants :C


Posted May 1, '14 at 5:50pm



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Me and others have made bug reports on this, hopefully it will be fixed.


Posted May 1, '14 at 7:03pm



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In the future, could you post this sort of thing in one of the big gemcraft threads? It's getting hard to find anything in here.

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