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Quick note this game will be quite realistic, and will require the use of logic, and thinking of multiple scenarios, as actions will have significant effects, choose your country wisely, as each country sees the war differently, and faces the war differently. If you have anything you'd like to be implemented please simply say so, I'll try my best to meet the demands of the players, while keeping the game as joyful as possible. As for how gruesome your experience should be tell me from a scale of 1-10 how realistic you want the game to be. *Make sure to keep an eye on the time chart, as events will develop over time*

The year 1914 of August. The world managed to steer from war as the German emperor was forced to hand his power over to the military, after a coup d'at making the monarchy a puppet of the military. The Austro-Hungarian Empire left with no ally was forced to leave Serbia alone, while shifting troops to the new annexed area of Bosnia Herzegovina. The Russian Empire with its own internal problems had to look to the West for assistance as uprisings started to erupt.

1915 The Russian Empire had started rapid industrialization, after Allied troops from France and Britain brought stability to the empire under the terms that the empire became a constitutional monarchy.

1916 Russia returns to an absolute monarchy, starting widespread anger. Resistance intensifies as the Bolsheviks continue to gain support.

April, 1917 Civil war erupts within the Russian Empire, as the Imperial Russian Army fought Bolshevik forces. After Bolshevik forces begin to gain momentum.

October, 1917 Bolshevik forces are defeated, and freedoms are granted within the Russian Empire.

1918 The German Empire, and the British empire make an agreement limiting their naval sizes Anglo-German naval agreement.

December, 1918 Bolsheviks in Mongolia begin to spread their ideologies to China.

March, 1918 China falls to communism, and starts to spread to East Asia in fear France looks to it's unresponsive government to interfere. Interference is denied and French radicals drive their president out of power putting Napoleon V which sends troops to South East Asia. Lenin with Bolshevik supporters, and Chinese supporters under Mao Zedong get into a bloody conflict with France over South East Asia, After all ports are nationalized china is isolated from the world, and begins, brutal industrialization.

June, 1918 China begins attacking Manchuria, and rebellion in Manchuria begins to intensify. The Japanese Empire declares war on Communist China and Mongolia, along with France.

August, 1918 Moscow falls under a communist coup uprisings spring up in the whole Russian Empire, in hopes of ridding of the monarchy completely in order to gain more freedoms promised under the Bolsheviks.

November, 1918 The Monarchy surrenders all of the Russian Empire to Bolsheviks While maintaining it's control of St. Petersburg, and lands around the city.

January, 1919 Imperial Japan, and France find themselves fighting guerrilla forces throughout Communist China, and India falls to Communism. Britain joins France, and Japan in it's war against communism.

February, 1919 The Greater U.S.S.R is established with Russia, Mongolia, China, and India Austria-Hungary begins to have trouble with its minorities once again, and is forced to be cut down to just Austria-Hungary in order to avoid conflict with the Greater U.S.S.R

January, 1921 War continues Austria-Hungary starts to have problems with communists, and eventually Hungary secedes from the empire and joins the Greater U.S.S.R.

February, 1921 Austria is annexed into the German Empire, the Greater U.S.S.R defeats France in South East Asia. Japan stands alone in Manchuria, but keeps a solid hold. France, and Britain fight to reclaim India.

June, 1921 The Greater U.S.S.R starts spreading its influence in Africa, and the pacific. The world seeing the danger of Communism begins to secure it's colonies, mandates, and dominions. Greater U.S.S.R begins to claim the Middle East.

November, 1921 The Middle East joins the Greater U.S.S.R., along with the Philippines European countries discover the import of weapons to Africa, and the Pacific from Communist nations. Italy, France, Britain, Japan, U.S, Turkey, and their colonies declare war on the Greater U.S.S.R. Germany remains neutral, and forsakes her colonies as they yield no real value to Germany, but upon food shortages declares war along the other nations, for territorial gains.
7 November, 1921 French forces refuse to aid the Prussian Empire as Germany refuses to hand back Alsace-Lorraine to the French Empire.
19 November, 1921 The battle of Konigsberg begins.
3 December, 1921 Siege of Konigsberg
22 December, 1921 Victory for Germans at Konigsberg
22 December, 1921 Ireland secedes from U.K. due to conscription and mass poverty due to resources being allocated for the war effort.
1 January 1923 Military stages coup and forces king to fully hand over power to the military thus naming Marshal Frederick. Militärische König Marschal Frederick, and the dissolution of all noble titles except for those that serve in the army. By law all children of Germany will need to rise up the social hierarchy without assistance from their parents, and all unemployed are to join the military/civil sector or be deported.
2 January 1923 German military state makes a locked alliance with Luxembourg, and Austria then annexes.
-Germany forms an alliance with Turkey alone.
-Germany ceases all trade with Europe except with America, and Turkey.
6 April 1923 Konigsberg is caught by a surprise full scale attack from the Soviets, and is burned to the ground.
8 of April 1923 St. Petersburg comes under a sneak attack, and falls to communist hands. The whole royal family is executed, and the heads are sent to Germany.
6 of May 1923 Japan and Germany send each other expeditionary forces of 500,000 troops that same day Women are allowed to serve in the German army, but is highly discouraged by society.
The character sheet, may be edited at if any time for realism, and if you wish to change your name, but country can't be changed.
Realism meter: 1-10 (Depicts the horrors of war, depending on the level)
Age: (15-39)Conscript/Colony. (17-39) Alliance soldier.
Country: U.S, Greater U.S.S.R, Military Empire of Prussia/German Military State, Russian Empire(St.Petersburg and the land around it.)French Empire, British Empire, Japanese Empire, Colony Pacific, Turkish state, or African.
EthnicityOnly for Greater U.S.S.R), or U.S.
Rank: Private, or Conscript(If drafted into the army) Guerrilla(your choice if you're from a colony)
Level: 1
XP: 0/15
HP: 100/100
Clothing: N/A
Inventory: N/A

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