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[Happened] Guys Please, make this happen

Posted May 21, '14 at 3:33pm



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Ok guys i know that this is a flash site for kids to play all across the world but... please just make a more older forum for people above 13 please, i love this site i had 3 accounts across 5 years reporting stuff for people and i have done this on other sites, ROBLOX, Newgrounds, Some actual forums... fourm.

And... for some reason for reason you haven't done this. Its so simple... think about it and... why not. There are many people above 13 so let us have it... Please.


Posted May 21, '14 at 3:45pm



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The minimum age to have an account (and therefore post in the forums) is already 13.


Posted May 21, '14 at 4:09pm



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Technically, the age requirement for "users", which could be construed as both registered and unregistered, is already 13+. We imply that for the unregistered, just because we do not yet have advisories for specific flash games with mature elements (the developer him/herself has to do that alone if he/she wishes). So some could argue the entire site is meant to be 13+.

It's an impasse when it comes to the forums. We could have 13+ content (never stopped us before), but that also means unregistered users can view the fora, and they could be any age. Which is scary. Which is why it's red alert when someone goes on a suicide spree to post graphic images. We could impose a registration requirement to even view the fora, but there's no telling how that could impact the traffic or amount of under-aged users.


Posted May 21, '14 at 6:02pm



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Correct, all users should be above 13.

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