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Tackling the Gem Craft series.

Posted Jun 23, '14 at 5:30am



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So I have played them in them in the past. I can't remember the one GC game where I got extremely far and stuck (one of the earlier ones).

Anyway, is there anything I should know that would be of great aid to me beating all of them? Especially the new ones cause I haven't played them yet.


Posted Jun 23, '14 at 8:01am



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I assume you have got premium in gcl and gc:cs.

gc1 - red is the key, splash can kill unbelievable mass of monsters rapidly.
gc0 - I don't know, haven't beaten.
gcl - guide
gc:cs - list of subjects and guides

GC:CS is most complex of series, but it's described best. Feel free to ask questions


Posted Jun 23, '14 at 6:41pm



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"gc0 - I don't know, haven't beaten."

You have to play it through, it's unbelievably challening if you don't use one of the methods to break it and there is no premium at all

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