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Gemcraft CS: important links

Posted May 27, '14 at 8:13pm



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No MP walkthrough

Premium game walkthrough

Extreme endgame guide - second iteration

Vision field walkthrough

Secrets guide

SP distribution guide

Discussion threads:

Endgame tactics after v1.1 - discussion about tactics after one of the major updates

New gem recipes finished and ready to use - most recent supergem recipes announcement thread

Crusade for a Grade 100 Gem - top-grade gem pictures

gem combining schemes competition - supergem competition thread

semi-optimal combining method for mana gems and amps - original thread about new supergem methods

1024 hardcore upgrading - thread about 1024-combine upgrading method

Other work:

gemforce git repository - all currently best gem recipes are there, more detailed info in readme.

GC parameters - list of formulas used by the game

Beacon farming - best fields to farm XP on beacons

Late waves HP calcullator

Outdated walkthroughs:
They may contain some useful information, but are generally outdated

0-100 level guide

Low-level guide

Rapid leveling up guide

End-game guide

If you want this thread to be updated, just mention me with the information what to add/change by @psorek somewhere on AG forum.

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Posted May 27, '14 at 8:30pm



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Feel free to make suggestions what should be here. This subject will be hopefully sticked soon.


Posted May 29, '14 at 3:59am



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Posted May 29, '14 at 6:37am



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Wow its sticky. Nice! May I suggest the following-

The Crusade thread because its what brought us GC maniacs together and inspired us all(I'm proud creater ) AND its a very large thread(like 390 post!) with TONS of info.

And the Semi-optimal combining thread(to find the more experienced/timewasting/powerful 64 combine, etc)

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Posted May 29, '14 at 11:19am



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The Gemcraft sub-reddit has quite a bit of useful information.


Posted May 31, '14 at 5:10pm



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How about a no premium leveling guide?


Posted May 31, '14 at 10:17pm



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@jpvr150296: Do you know one? If yes, I'll add it here. Otherwise you can write it by yourself.


Posted Jun 9, '14 at 8:06pm



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Thank you psorek, for starting this thread. Thank you everyone who has contributed your insights and tips. I appreciate your taking the time and trouble to share your hard won insights.

By following the various guides and walkthroughs as well as reading the comments I managed to get from a rather frustrated level 33 wizard to a much happier level 289 wizard in a fairly short amount of time.


Posted Jun 14, '14 at 10:00am



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Good initiative @psorek! =D

To inform: this sticky is to ensure that gamers have a guide to links useful for playing GemCraft, however...

...any links directed to or suggestions for threads about the usage of cheating tools such to aide in clicking faster and/or speeding up the mouse button clicks are not allowed!

Just to make sure that our users understand that Armor Games takes pride in fair gaming and that we will not tolerate any form of cheating. =)


Posted Jun 20, '14 at 11:38am



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I've been asking for this elsewhere in the forums, but I'm going to ask for it here as well since it seems appropriate. Can the so-called "low-level guide" please be retitled.

This guide is not for low level players. Most people calling themselves low-level on the forums are levels 1-100 and this guide is not for players at those levels as it contains tons of information invalid or incorrect for those levels. I suggest the guide name be changed to "Levels 200-1000 player guide" to allow for someone to make a valid low-level guide.

Basically, you will probably finish the game before this guide becomes valid, further supporting that it is not a low-level guide.

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