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It's your world. Mine it. Craft it. Love it.

We all know Minecraft. Are fun little game where our diamonds get blown-up by creepers, lost a stack of Iron pickaxes trying to find diamonds, that little game?

Post all your tips and ticks on finding diamonds, PvP skills, XP and Echanting stuff, etc. all here! And i will post a tip of my own!

How to find diamonds easily.

1: Dig down a stairwell way. Don't dig down. 1rst rule of Minecraft.

2: Dig down until you hit bedrock. Then, Dig around where the bedrock is.
Find the highest bedrock there and go 2 blocks up from it.

3: Dig around in about the size of a normal mineshaft

4:Make strip mines 2 spaces between each other.

Tip/Step 5: A strip mine is a 2x1 hole where you keep mining a line in the same direction. And dig around ores that you need because you can miss them diagonally, and because lava may hit you while mining.

There! So that's how i find diamonds really easy. Dont forget post your tips and tricks!

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i think you should move this to the video games thread


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I have a very strong feeling that either pang or riptizoid will spam this thread with screenies of their Minecraft adventures.


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Hmmm... we still have a thread (or more...^^) about minecraft, so post your thoughts there...

Ill lock this one (and move it to the video games)^^