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Needing Your Opinion - The Now Defunct Rank System

Posted Jul 6, '14 at 11:50am



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Hello. This isn't really a developed idea, but more of an idea, looking to see whether or not people would be behind this idea, thus deciding whether or not I would develop this idea more and submit it towards the Armor Games staff.

I would like to propose the revival of the old rank system. For those who do not remember this, or joined after that time, the rank system was a kind of leaderboard system, where you would earn points for rating games, commenting on games, posting on forums, submitting games and something else. There were then ranks (starting at bronze serf, ending at gold king) to go alongside this.

I would propose a renewed version of this, with an improved GUI and system, for us to continue to use. I have not entirely developed this idea though, as at the moment I am just doing this to find out whether or not people would be behind this idea.

Note: I currently am unaware of the reasons for the system to be removed, so please fill me in on why that happened.


Posted Jul 6, '14 at 12:56pm



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AP and ranks were removed because that system encouraged spamming ratings, comments, and forum posts. The Quest system is better because it's harder to abuse a system based on quests than it is to abuse a system based on maximizing comments and posts. Besides, there is already a leaderboard for Quests here.


Posted Jul 6, '14 at 1:04pm



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The old system was AP-based, you got points, and you get the majority of them for posts... which end up in heavy spamming, there was a bunch of users that dont play games/interact with other users, they just spam to gain AP, to get a higher rank.
AG was looking for a new system and they found one: the Quest-system. So they decided to remove the old "gain (sometimes spam) AP for a higher rank"-system and replaced it with the Quest-system... now you must play games to get quests, there also is a leaderboard (called Hero-board, was added to the Quest-system a while ago) and the system is still under further development, lately AG added some other quests (the community quests), which require other activities than playing games.

Some other users also wish for a return of a rank-system (and other things^^)... well, the whole site is still further developed, this includes the Quest-system, besides new quests AG will add some other things in the future, maybe some Quest-related things... maybe a new rank-system, based on whatever... ;)

*Yes, i am a mod... but "No", i haven´t any intels, its nothing more than guesswork*

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Posted Jul 10, '14 at 12:40am



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i suggested something like this once but it got locked
what i wouldnt mind seeing is quests and ap combined, like make AP based on your quests, like if you get a easy quest you get 5 AP and if you get a medium quest you get 10 AP and a hard would be 20AP and if you get all quests on a game with 5 or more quests you get a bonus 50AP .. i doubt that idea would make it though but it would be interesting and not as easy to spam for ap like the old system


Posted Jul 10, '14 at 3:38am



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AP and ranks were removed because that system encouraged spamming ratings, comments, and forum posts.

AP farmers almost never went for forum posts, and the ones that did didn't benefit from it at all.

A variation of the old system could work, provided that comments and ratings awarded no points at all. Forum posts and merits could still award points, along with quests, since those three features are far more difficult to abuse than the rating and commenting systems. It's possible that the staff team could create a point system along these lines if enough people were interested in it, but so far it seems like very few people are pushing for it.

Posted Jul 25, '14 at 2:33am



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I think that it should be based on quests as well as posts. Make quests worth like alot more than posts so that it incourages gameplay, so although using the forum actively will give you an edge in the AP it won't really make you so much higher. What if AP were spent on a customizable Armatar. Kinda like Xbox but not a dumb ripoff were you need to spend money to look cool. What if there were games that let you use your custom Armatar, also like Xbox. I think that would be cool right.


Posted Jul 25, '14 at 1:37pm



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A system based on rewarding posts results in lots of spam, and that's something that will be avoided in the future. :(

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