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Argentina vs Germany

Posted Jul 14, '14 at 12:50am



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That Germans were too handsome to let their Argentine brothers win! Ok, jk.
Germany had a much better flow throughout the game I thought. Since Soccer is Germany's national sport, I betchya that the beer is flowing in their bars tonight (in celebration, not to forget).


Posted Jul 14, '14 at 4:32am



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Germany grabbed the deserved victory in my opinion! There were only a handful of decent playing teams this wc and they had the most solid one by far!

Belgium and the U.S. need to be credited for their outstanding effort and hard work! Both teams were awesome to watch in terms of persiverance and spirit, but the skillswere lacking in the end. If they grow some more, then who knows... =)

Argentina didn't deserve the title if you ask me... I simply hate defensive playing teams that rely on counters and then win with a scarse 1-0 victory. That's just not what football is about... it would have been a disgrace if they managed to grab a world title with such disgusting play. Glad Germany took what they deserved! Gratulierung an die Mannschaft! Sehr gutes erfolk fuer die verdiente welltmeister!! =)


Posted Jul 14, '14 at 7:51am



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Oh dear, poor poor Khedira, pulled a calf injury just before kick off.....

Defensive teams that play with counters are great....if they're your team. Boring boring Arsenal! Offside trap and all.

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