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Phil Fish.

Posted Jul 15, '14 at 9:15am



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Oh Phil Fish, i do hate you, back in the day, i was going to buy FEZ until i saw you and your story.

1. You say that doing a walkthrough of an entire game is basically piracy.
NO! no its not, its different between say Movies and Games.

2. A public outburst on every single one of your social accounts leading to the cancel of FEZ 2. On where you started because you had to respond to a CRITIC.

3. After you canceled FEZ 2, you took all of the money and ran off with it.

4.You want people to pay you for permission to put your game up on Youtube and Twitch.

5. You had to say that all games from Japan suck in front of a developer from Japan.

6. Your Phil Fish, I hate you, my friends hate you, my class hates you, a whole community hates you for canceling FEZ 2, taking the game's money and saying stuff thats full of crap!...

Sorry, i just hate this guy, tell me below what you think of Phil Fish.

Have a nice day.


Posted Jul 15, '14 at 10:07am



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Until I saw this, I hadn't heard of Fez. I looked it up. I will now buy it.


Posted Jul 15, '14 at 3:10pm



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Look up Phil Fish, now!


Posted Jul 16, '14 at 2:07pm



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Actually you can like and buy a product someone made, even if you disagree with the creator's opinion on things.

That is to say, I don't care about Phil Fish and neither should you. Also this.


Posted Jul 16, '14 at 5:24pm



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NO! no its not, its different between sa[quote]y Movies and Games.

What about cinematic games? What about a full playthrough of Heavy Rain?

After you canceled FEZ 2, you took all of the money and ran off with it.

Lol what money? The only money he had was what he earned from Fez. Fez 2 wasn't a kickstarter so I don't understand what you're talking about.
Reply to Phil Fish.

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