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Raze 3 Farming Credits Walkthrough

Posted Jul 27, '14 at 8:50pm



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This is my method for the quickest way to get money in Raze 3.

1. Go to Quickmatch
2. Choose CTF*
3. Have no bots on your team and 3 bots on the enemy thinkg. Make the bots to "Very Easy"
4. Flags 15 (Gives you 62 each capture)

For faster farming choose a small map (I recommend Desert Storm). I also recommend using weapons like the AAR and Burster to kill faster. Remember to have their flag when killing so you'll get an extra bonus. I went up to "Monster kill x30!" while killing. It's fairly easy and not that boring.

*Capture The Flag

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Posted Jul 28, '14 at 5:46pm



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Burster and AAR may kill fast but they dont give good kill bonuses sometimes so i would recommend some sniper weapons and get assasin bonuses


Posted Mar 26, '15 at 8:55am



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you can use any weapon as long as it can get you the hacker title which gives you 30x credits and use the AAR then play capture the flag.

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