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In the distant future, A tyrannical president of the New World Order orders his scientists to make a machine to stimulate the perfect world for all the citizens. This world, known as "The False World" is a wonderful place, full of opportunity, work, and even love. The bad part of it is... Starving in there is starving in the real world, dying the same way. I wont bore you with the details, but the machine puts you into a capsule with tubes feeding into you supplying nourishment and things for what you do in the world. Of course, nothing can be truly perfect. all of the evil in the world that the people who come into The False World ends up on the other side, where brave souls fight to keep them at bay. But for everyone else, they run their lives normally. Farmers, messengers, carpenters, real estate... All jobs are open, to anyone... But the space is limited, and only half a million can be in this place at a single time... Get your spot quickly, and make a living, the real world is screwed, and this is the only place of salvation...

You enter the large metallic tube, get into the position the scientists say is best, then you feel pricks all over. you decide its best not to look. they close the tube as you feel tired, suddenly, then you pass out. When you awake, you see Green lush fields, surrounded by berry bushels, trees, and even the occasional person. you aren't alone, however, on the ground. You slowly get up and see you are in Raggedy clothes of your favorite color. Welcome, to The False World.
This is an open world RPG where you can be anyone, do anything, and everything in between. The main weapons of now are swords and bows, but few guns are found. You will need to eat, drink, work, and sleep to continue to survive, and once you die, the scientists will just dispose of you. But remember, its all fun and games and life, and its better than the real world. Have fun....

A few things:
Yes, you can get spouses. Yes, they can be other players. NO you cannot be very adult-ish, sure, you can have kids, but please dont do anything stupid about this.
Combat is a big role, you'll have to fight animals to tire them out, hunt, even the dark portal will open sometimes. but combat is not the only thing, Guards WILL come and arrest you for violent assault.
If you die, you start over. ALL the way over. You will have to go wait in a queue line, at least 2 players long (if there is a queue line) to come back. The only loophole is to play as one of your kids if you have any, you will receive your full money divided by number of kids, and half of your skills.
Killing NPCs and other people is aloud, but not tolerated. murder will make you become an outlaw, banished to the Dark Portal or death. Note: NPCs wont respawn, so... you're basically being hurting the game if hes important.
The game runs on a 3 strike your out system, die 3 times, im sorry, you're out, unless I think you deserve another chance.

Appearance: (Optional)
E$: 0
Inventory: N/A
Head: N/A
Upper Body: (Your favorite color) Cloths
Lower Body: (Your favorite color) Cloths
Shoes: N/A
Skills: (10 Exp to distribute, not levels!)
Strength - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp. (Used for everyday tasks that involves muscle, farming, skill in combat, Etc. Increases your Health and Combat ability)
Defense - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp. (Increased by taking damage, Increased maximum Health)
Cooking - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp. (How well you can cook things, food or potions)
Crafting - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp. (How well you can make things that are used to make things, out of things)
Wood-Working - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp. (From carpentry to wood cutting, this ability helps)
Wood-Cutting - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp.
Stone-Working - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp. (Helps with mining and with making things out of stone)
Mining - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp.
Foraging - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp. (How well you can find or pick delicate objects)
Farming - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp. (Judges how good you are with a hoe, and other farming tools)
Charisma - Lv. 0 - 0/1 Exp (Used to get discounts in the shop)
Health: 1/1 (Dont worry, you'll get more when you distribute your skill)
Hunger - Full (100/100)
Thirst - Quenched (100/100)
Fatigue - V. Well Rested (100/100)
Acquaintances: 0
Friends: 0 (Loner xD)
Trusted Friends: 0
V. Trusted Friends: 0
Spouse: N/A

I'll take 6 players :P

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