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Gather around Ladies and Gentlemen, after much await, the 2016 AG User and Thread Awards are here. This year I, Sir Legendary, will be hosting this user event.

The Rules:
1. You may vote for one person or thread per award. If you post twice, only your final post will count, though it would be far better to post only once.
2. Vote on only the categories you can answer. If you can't think of a User or Thread for an award, don't put anything down. It would be better to give awards to people who were chosen by people who truly believed them worthy.
3. Copy and paste the sections when you cast a vote in a response. Do not just post "I think (user) is the best user." Post "User of the Year: (User)"
4. You cannot vote for yourself. This should be obvious but I'm stating it anyway.

For the official record, no actual quests are being distributed (unless you can convince Gantic, MrDayCee or Ferret otherwise, but that probably won't work, so please do not bother them about it), but several users have been happy with just displaying them in their About section.

Ultimately this is for fun, and for recognizing people that have done something exceptional (or horrifying).

Previous years (for reference):
The 2013 User Awards
The 2014 User Awards
The 2015 User Awards


The 2016 Awards:

User Awards (Main)

User of the Year (Best User overall in activity, helpfulness, or any other categories you consider valuable during this year)

Best Veteran (Best User overall in activity, helpfulness, or any other categories you consider valuable who has been a member for 3 or more years)

Most Mature (User who doesn't like to laugh, likes to get things done)

Most Helpful (User who provides the most feedback or with the best quality)

Best New Member (Best User who joined AG in 2016)

Most Famous (User who is the most well-known)

Best Staff Member (Best Moderator or Administrator)

Most Controversial (User who has opinion on everything that is argued against. Banned Users qualify)

Best Threads (User who makes the best threads, does not involve the Thread Awards)

Best Writer (User who posts the best stories/poetry/etc.)

Most Creative (User who displays the most creativity in the Art section)

User Awards (Side)



Most Likely To Murder Another User


Best Armartar (User who has the best User-made Armatar. Does not have to be made by them)

Emotional (User who changes rapidly through different emotions frequently)

Best Username


Thread Awards

Thread Of The Year (best Thread of 2016 from any section)

Best Forum Game

Funniest Thread (In Forum Games or The Tavern)

Greatest Post (Single greatest post that made you laugh, cringe, etc. Include the User who posted it and a link)

Best Old Thread (Best active thread created before 2016)

Dead Thread (Best Thread that was expected to have a long lifespan but dies quickly or backfires)


The voting begins now and ends on the last week of January (Since this thread took some time to get up). Feel free to @/mention me or post a comment on my profile if you have any questions. I will be posting a new thread with the results when the voting period is over.

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Who will win Best Game of 2016?

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Me, of course!

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