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Posted Jul 11, '08 at 1:27am



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I don't know if this should be here or in Movies and Music, oh well who cares

All you do is put a link to a website that has a song you like and the person under you listens to the song and tell if they liked it or not.

I'll start...

Eruption - Eddie Van Halen


Posted Jul 11, '08 at 1:37am



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Okay, this is really weird, I mean, did you do this intentionally?

First: here is the thread you directly copied, all you did was say it a little different.

Second: you posted in it, so you should already know that the thread exists, you even posted the same song for the next person to review.

Third: the obvious, this is the wrong forum. For the sake of 'wrong thread' tradition in this forum...*sigh*
This Forum is for ORIGINAL Art, Music, and Writing.

Please, this was just for attention right? Or are you just that absent-minded, no offence but seriously? lol, its insane!


Posted Jul 11, '08 at 1:45am



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well it seems innocent enough except for the fact he posted in that other thread.