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shouldn't ag have n the game here?

Posted Aug 4, '08 at 1:50pm



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N the game is one of my favorite flash game because of the sheer complexity and amount of level there are like 364ish i am wondering since it is a free game and i have seen it on other website should ag have this game to i'm not totally sure if they can take it and put it on this website but i don't see why not no one really knows about it and it would be better for the game if it was on ag because it would get more attention and i probably would becomes on of the top games on ag

you can get it here its free!


Posted Aug 4, '08 at 3:36pm



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I believe I remember seeing a condensed version of it before either here or on . It is indeed a great game and without doing any research I agree, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be put up here.

(Try to use a period every once in a while)

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