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Party RPG for Forums (Beta Discussion!)

Posted Aug 28, '08 at 12:26pm



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I've been noticing a glaring flaw in the whole RPG theme of forum games. You start reading through them from the beginning and they get confuddled very quickly (except possibly for those playing). This topic is to troubleshoot and playtest a concept until we can "release" one here!

How about this. Instead of everyone making decisions individually, one person must solve the task at hand with the class they pick when they start, sort of like you're in a big party.

The problem I see is someone comes in and creates a godlike class that does everything. I think this could be solved with a list of abilities that you can do and limiting the number of abilities each character can take either by points or a strict number, like in the Elder Scrolls games.

Here's a possible example game:

Your band of merry fellows enters the woods on your Quest for the Holy Handbuckle of Nonexistence. The party happens to run across a once mighty bridge, now rotted, would spell doom if even an ounce of weight were put on it. But this is the way to the Handbuckle! What to do?

Fuzzle624 casts Levitate on the team!
Vineyard425 casts root on the ropes of the bridge![/b]

I think this could be the best topic ever. We need a definitive list of abilities though so people can choose. I have a few suggestions:
1. No two can have the same skillset.
2. A complex problem requiring the same skill to be used in two different ways cannot be cast by the same player.
3. 3 skills at start.
4. A list of tasks to get to the "Handbuckle" is written in the start post so that the original poster doesn't have to monitor when the party gets to each checkpoint. Instead developing a new list for [i]Chapter 2



Posted Aug 28, '08 at 4:47pm



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i like the party idea but its too complicated to put it all in words (easier to see it flash game style). If you make the idea more simple instead of adding videogame aspects, like the list of tasks, maybe people will play it. I also have to say that it would be hard to get everyone to agree with each other, so maybe limit groups, like maybe 4-8 people


Posted Aug 28, '08 at 4:55pm



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Ok, so limit each thread to a single task. Trying to figure out a way so anyone who wants to play could jump in at any time though, so although I really do agree with the 4-8 person rule on the surface, I want to avoid it if there is any possible way. We'll see.

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