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Periodic Poetry Contest - Theme: Touch of Truth (Page 390, due Jan. 28)

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Posted May 12, '09 at 2:24pm



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Life is a broad topic, but I think I can handle it. As long as everyone promises to not get mad over my choice


Posted May 12, '09 at 2:35pm



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Life is a very broad topic ... however, people put their own spin on how they view life ... below is a poem about how society as a whole treats this earth and allows life, as we know it, to eventually become non-existent.

Guides of Superfluity

Heathens of this Earth, are we
Gluttons of our destiny.
On this planet we claim ours
Entombed in self pomposity

Heretics of our air, are we
Wallower's in impurity,
Rolling reserves into plumes
Enshrined in our toxicity

Apostates of our ground, are we
Vectors of impiety,
Bartering for groves of wood
Embalmed by our voracity

Traitors to the herds, are we
Hosts to impropriety,
Pulverizing habitats
Cremated by rapacity

Heathens of this Earth, are we
Guides of superfluity
Neglecting this eclectic world,
Excluding earth's pure sovereignty


Posted May 12, '09 at 9:36pm



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(i got a A for using this)

i feel trapped and sad
i here voices they are mad
but now there is light
a hope to escape to the light

i can see the door
but im lying on the floor
im dragged down
i must not put on a frown

im like the titanic
but i must tell my self not to painc
i must jump across the gap
but i cant fall to the trap

im traped like a bug
im stuck but i must tug
tug on the ropes
for i still have high hopes

i may fly
or i may die
but i must get to the door
to go for
the light
and survive the fight


Posted May 12, '09 at 10:58pm



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So bascically it's a few haikus?
Can it be funny or does it have to be serious?
And is their a main topic?


Posted May 13, '09 at 5:21am



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Can we get back on topic here....Ok, so we need a theme. At the moment it is up in the air and no one knows what they are meant to be doing. I didn't even know the contest had finished.

It is obvious that a mod hasn't looked at this thread in a while...since the name hasn't been changed, and since it is 2 days after the judging that is reasonably bad. Maybe not so much on their part, but more on Adrecka (not being mean, just pointing it out) for not notifying them.

Just so you know, I am not trying to be mean to anyone, but I came to this thread thinking I could still enter for rain, but that contest had already finished and I didnt know about it.

Ok, so we need a new theme. Instead of bickering like a flock of seagulls about what it is going to be, lets just decide.

The theme Life seems to be good enough for this. A few people seem to be in support of it, so lets just set it as that. If you don't like it then bad luck.

Adrecka, maybe decide on the theme at the end of the judging next time, just to make things easier.


Theme: Life
Deadline: Is the 22nd of May ok? That's just over a week.
Judge: Adrecka


I hope I haven't sounded too much like I was modacting...but something had to be done. If anyone has any complaints about what I have done, please send me a comment on my profile.


Posted May 13, '09 at 6:12pm



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Excuse me but i asked ubertuna to change it. But he either hasn't been on in a while or doesn't care. I amuse its the first. And I told everyone what the theme was sorry if it wasn't clear enough. I will talk to other moderators to see if they will change it.

The deadline seems like a good one, and I already have figured out what the next theme is so that will make it easier. I will also try to get a moderator over see the thread, that way they can make changes. They might have to be the ones to give out the merits too.


Posted May 13, '09 at 6:24pm



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How it soothes away the pain,
the gentle patter of the rain.
Gentle patterns hammer on my head,
prooving to me I am not dead.
I look to the heavens for the great Nimbus cloud,
I scream for blue skies I shout it aloud.
Searching into that beautiful haze,
I feel like I have been lost for so many days.
The deep gloom moves apart,
and a rainbow shines through like a work of art.

Ta da Ok soory I know english isn;t really my thing but rain is fun and I counld't resist


Posted May 13, '09 at 6:46pm



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there is there
here is here
plead for what you want
and you get what you get.
can't complain,
because it's a one-way street

no! Don't go over there
it's a delicate cycle, no reason to tear
away from here, that place'll give you a scare.

Don't even look forward, just stay here
walk with your head to the ground, don't shed a tear.
There's nothing to see here.

Think on it, if you want to waste your time
don't waste time on rhythm and rhyme.
It's faceless and it'll stay that way
it's shameless and it'll stay that way
carry on, carry on
I guarantee you're not a pawn
a piece in the game
and important at that.

This poem sucks. >.< I'm in a block for my own theme. . . .


Posted May 13, '09 at 10:50pm



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How about comparitive poems...

Like big and small


Posted May 13, '09 at 10:53pm



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What is rain but a tear of the sky,
Its clear harmonious beats
As we hear the sky sigh.
As we sit down in our seats
Staring at the dark atmosphere,
When we can see the great blackness
Come closer near.
When the sky turns dark it is clearly a mess.
And I sit and think,
The us versus rain
And realize the sharing link
It is quite sane
The clouds cry now and then
When its heart is to heavy,
As so do we, women and men.
We stop all around
Making fuss and a fit
And we wet the dry ground
As we cry when our heart is hit
So what is rain but the tears of the skies
No difference from tears that rush from our eyes
-by phsycomonkey

ok I know it sucks lol so go ahead and whack away at it