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First, I will post the overall rules, and then I will post the specifics about this week.

Original rules, as stated by Ubertuna:

It must fit the week's theme.
It must be submitted by the deadline.
It cannot have inappropriate language in it.
It cannot be stolen (if you plagiarize, we will find you).


The poem must be created for this contest
A user cannot win two weeks in a row (though everyone is welcome to submit every week!)
Only one submission per user will be accepted

As we all know, the winner will recieve a merit, and their poem will be featured on the _Poetry_ page.

OK, on to this week's topic...Again, we are having a style instead of a theme. Also, this week we are having TWO WEEKS to do it, instead of the usual one. Why? Because this will be an EPIC poem. Or, rather, a parody of an epic poem. Generally, epic poetry is very long, and tells the serious story of a heroic figure. Well, this week, the epic figure is YOU! Write a long poem (I'll leave the definition of 'long' up to you, but give it a good go) about the heroic story of you! It can be silly, serious, whatever... just have fun with it. You have two weeks, so have a great time!
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Its only a game
By: Mav

I hide in my blind
Tracking the man that
Ruined my life
He must pay

Bullets with wings,
My FALCON 12 mil,
My chance to avenge
All these years

I've got him now
Addrenalin courses through
My veins. Its just like
Some World War Two game...

Exitement build. But I
Put it down. It will...
Ruin my shot to
End all the mis'ry

This man I'm 'bout to
Kill, kill my family
Burned my house, and
Left me for dead there

I prepare to squeeze
The trigger. One shot,
One Kill, Then Ping!
A shot rings out loud

But its not mine, for
Just inches infront
Of me, lies a bullet
I've been seen here.

Once adrenaline
coursed through my veins, now
Cold animal fear
Freezes me up tight

Years spent hunting,
Years I've wasted
To be given away
At the last moment

All is lost. Game Over
No reset or pow'r
No extra lives,
Gone, dead, over

I lie there, filled with
Numbness, awaiting the
Next bullet, sure to
Follow the first one

Far across the way,
Though I'll never hear
It, a lone sniper
Answers his radio.

"...Tango Down"
I was copying from note book, and a few stanzas didnt copy over... ???

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The Jaguar is King of the Jungle

It smells, those muddy boots.
It can hear the rain patter against the bridges of their hats.
It trails behind them in the villages they loot.
It can see them hiding with the eyes of a cat.

The smell of death brought it here.
And the screams of the victim's made it shiver with anxiety.
The men with the guns are now the ones who fear,
The outcast of this jungle society.

They try to run,
But the jungle is no place for them.
It is all in fun,
Until there is no one left.

The puddles of water now hold blood,
And an old man whose eyes are keen
Sees a black figure covered in mud,
Run away from the scene.

"The Jaguar is King" he says.

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deep dark black all around me

suffocating my mind and spirit

pressure on my chest building

trapped for all eternity

razor blades clicking together in the distance

moving forth

the world is vile and forgotten

when it ends true happyness will come

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I hate this thing, this horrible chase.
I love it, the run, it is so much fun.
The end, the thing I fear, something I must face,
It's my job, my urge; it must be done.

Why me, there are many more, better than me,
He runs and he squirms letting me close in.
I run and I twist, each step sets me free,
If he falls or falters I'll close in with a grin.

My hunter is evil and doesn't pause to think,
My prey is mine he's within my grasp.
I think I've reached the end, I'm on the brink,
I'll beat him and slay him with a mighty rasp.


T'is my best effort... I hope you like it.

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My first entry in a while


It opened it's eyes then searched for prey.
When it was so hungry it even stumbled.
It's eyes narrowed as it poised to slay.
As the starving beast was waiting its patience crumbled.

The prey didn't stop grazing as the hunter pounced.
but the hunter was to starved to think fast enough.
It was to late when it realized it was being trapped.
The hunter struggled to stop but the path was to rough.

It slipped through the ground it saw a black dove.
Pain shot through its chest, middle and thighs.
The hunter saw the furless ones gather above,
as it realized it was the hunted, and closed it's eyes...

A poem about a starving wild cat that fell into a humans trap.

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We are the humans
We are the hunters

There the animals
There the targets

Silence all around
Darkness clouding your vision
But you don't need to see
You lie in wait
For that inevitable 'Crunch'
You hear it, turn and shoot
All in one smooth motion
You smile as the bullet
Shoots through the air
And connects with its target
With a 'Thump'
Music to your ears.

The 'target' is all it is
Not a living being
You can't think of it like that
The target is not real
The target is fun

Hunters hunt for the pride
For the power, For the fun
They see there 'target' and shoot
Don't think. Or you might see
What you are actually doing.

I don't really like it but its been a long time sense I have entered a poem so I thought now would be a good time.

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There the animals
There the targets

They're the animals
They're the targets

There is a location, they're is an abbreviation of they are.

They see there 'target' and shoot

They see their 'target' and shoot

Their is a possession of a person, object, or thing, or even an idea.


The poem is great, don't get me wrong, but are the hunter's getting hunted in this?
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If I'm not mistaken, it sounds more like a shooting range.

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I am a cat
creeping through the grass.
along comes a guy
and shoots me in the ass.

Yeah i pwn.

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*Raises shotgun, pumps action*

What was that again?

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What was that again?

*turns into the Governator*

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Gah, everyones is so much better than mine! I dont stand a chance!

Stoopid enjabment...
Stoopid 'early-shakespear'...

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Light the candle,
Feel the flame,
A humble warrior,
Perhaps gone insane.

I soft gust of wind,
A bush slightly annoyed,
He lunges to the right,
A bit paranoid.

The moon is a smile,
He thinks it's a frown,
Slowly unwinding,
He looks around.

And off in the distance,
The sounds of the beast,
For days he was hungry,
But tonight, He shall feast.

Other than my songs, this is my first real poem, so bear with me.

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Umm thanks for your corrections choazmachine, I'm not big on grammar or spelling. And I believe the theme is The Hunter OR The Hunted. I think that means you can choose which one your poem is about or make it about both. I simple chose to make it just about hunters. As for it sounding like a shooting range, that was not my intention. I wrote it quick just so that I could actually enter this week. I am quiet sure I could have made it better.

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I'm pretty sure you could've made it better too :P

Anyways here is mine.

Bewildering Beast

Here I am,
Come on, claws at the ready,
Teeth clean? Oh boy this
is going to be great!

There it is. Come back here you
rambunctious rodent! I'm going to

Pounce! On you! Mmm... I'm tasting
your tainted, flavorful flesh!
Wait. I hear something. Could it be?
Another marvelous meal, knocking at my door,
Tapping on my feet?

What's that weird clicking noise? I hear

Unghhh. That hurt. A human. What's that
metal mechanism in his hand? Ungh, my paw
felt my neck! Oh my, my blood is rushing down
like the Mississippi River, tainting my orange fur.
And something metal
in my punished neck.

Now I think, who is the hunter?

about to --


And silence was heard in the fields, until the cycle could reset once again.

Just something I did quick, hope you like it :P

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