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A few suggestions

Posted Feb 21, '08 at 7:48pm



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Here are a few suggestions to help make the site better.

1) A user search engine so you can find your friends easier.

2)Possibility to vote down comments to get rid of spamming.

3) A post edit button to make last minute changes.

4) A developer/game of the month award.

5) Fancy pants shirts for the store.

6) Chaos Faction merch for the store

Well, hope you like them.


Posted Feb 21, '08 at 8:03pm



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well...I don't know....


Posted Feb 21, '08 at 8:31pm



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1) That would be nice. Maybe a search of members in general. Also seach for posts/comments/games.

2) It's called flagging. You can flag a post/comment to alert the Mods.

3) Sure, but remember this site is new and for all we know this feature (along with others) will be coming eventually.

4) Same thing. Site is new, it might be coming in the future for all we know.


Posted Feb 21, '08 at 10:10pm



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ya search for friends would be a big help

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