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OK, so I got this problem where my fr2 track is too long so I need to put it into two different parts. I would've liked to post the whole thing somewhere but some glitch happens where it just doesn't appear so this is a last resort. I have tried using Firefox but that didn't work either. Also this track isn't finished so I may re-post the thing, which will be quite annoying. Oh, and if anyone should lock this thread, lock it but please don't delete it so I can still make a link to it from my page.
If you have any suggestions please message me on my page where you will find another great track.
So here is the first half of my SKATE PARK.
PS. There are no goals.

18 1k 2b 1k 3l 1k 59 1j 6n 1j 87 1j 9k 1i av 1i c7 1h dm 1e ev 15 g7 o h9 5 i6 -h j0 -1b jo -27 k1 -q k2 f k3 1h k4 2g,k7 -1s kq -1a lg -n mb -6 nc 6 oh d pt k re p sr t u6 u vd s 10k m 11o e 12p 3 13s -9 14s -n 15p -18,18g g 199 17 19v 1v 1aj 2m 1be 3f 1cb 41 1d1 4f 1ds 4u 1er 5d 1fu 5t 1h4 6c 1i6 6o 1j5 72 1k8 7a 1l6 7f 1m4 7k 1n5 7n 1o9 7q,2g9 6i 2gb 7b,200 7q 22k 7q 254 7p 27c 7p 29c 7o 2b7 7n 2cu 7m 2ej 7l 2gj 7k 2ib 7i 2jq 7h 2l3 7g 2md 7e 2nb 7d,2ej 47 2fs 42 2h1 3m 2hv 33 2ir 29,2jl 6r 2jj 7f,2ai 5i 2ap 6a 2as 71 2as 7n,2n5 7b 2od 7c,2rn 7e 2te 7f 2ve 7g 316 7h 32p 7h 344 7i,2od 7b 2pb 7c 2q4 7d 2qp 7e 2rd 7e 2rt 7f,2rc 6j 2s7 6n 2t2 6q,2t2 6s 2tj 76 2u5 7e,15n -19 15n -b 15n l 15o 1j 15o 2f,15l 7 16f d 177 h 17r h 18d h,1em -3v 1fg -4b 1gb -4s 1h4 -5h 1hu -6d 1ij -7c 1j3 -8e 1jg -9l 1jk -8v 1jo -87 1jv -7h 1ka -6r 1kq -62,of -51 p7 -5f q0 -64 qr -6k rp -70 sp -75 tv -7a v2 -7c 105 -7c 11f -7c 12p -79 13r -6v 14r -6f,1sa -3s 1t7 -45 1u1 -4o 1ug -5f 1um -6b,1uo -6d 1vc -6c,21m 3t 21j 4n 21j 5k 21i 6d 21i 74 21i 7n,21m 3s 26q 1m,26r 1m 26t 7n,1kq -63 1lc -5i 1m3 -52 1ms -4l 1nm -4b,1nl -4c 1ob -46 1p4 -42 1pu -40 1qn -3v 1re -3u 1s2 -3u 1sk -3u,2bg 3t 2c6 42 2ct 45 2dk 48 2ea 48 2eq 47,2bg 3s 2ap 3n 2a1 3e 29b 33 28g 2f 28j 36,292 3q 29i 4a 2a0 4r 2a9 5b 2ah 5s 2an 6e,28j 37 292 3r,2tl -2 2uj -d 2vf -o 30e -15 31c -1f 329 -1j 337 -19 342 -n 354 -c 364 -a,364 -c 373 -b 381 -a 38v -a 39q -b 3ah -b,33b -17 342 -1i 34p -21 35j -2e 36h -2p 37f -31 38e -36 39g -3b 3aq -3i 3c5 -3n 3dl -3n 3ev -3j 3gd -3b 3hs -30 3jd -2i 3l0 -23,3ac -9 3bo -9 3d7 -9 3en -9 3g7 -9 3hl -9 3it -9 3k2 -9 3l8 -9 3mb -9 3nh -9 3ol -9 3ps -9 3rc -a 3sn -b 3u5 -c 3vl -e 417 -g 42s -i 44i -j 46a -k,3l0 -25 3ln -1q 3me -1g 3n6 -16 3nv -s 3oq -m 3pm -h 3qh -c 3rb -9,468 -m 478 -m 48g -k 49t -i 4b8 -h 4ct -f 4ej -d 4g8 -c 4hv -e 4jl -m 4l6 -14 4mg -1o 4nk -2f 4oo -3i 4pm -4o 4qe -5v 4r1 -77 4ri -8h 4s8 -a0,2od 1b 2p9 1b 2q3 1a 2qt 12,2qs 12 2tn -4,2is 2c 2j8 31 2jk 3o 2k4 4b 2kt 4r 2ll 57 2mj 5j 2nf 5t 2oe 65 2pd 6c 2qc 6g,249 -b0 247 -a7 247 -98 249 -8e 248 -7g 24c -6h 24q -5l 25h -4u 26f -4f 27l -44 28q -3t 2a0 -3n 2b6 -3j 2c8 -3h,2c4 -3h 2cs -3f 2dq -3d,2dn -3c 2ei -3c 2fi -3c 2gi -3g,2gf -3g 2ha -3i 2i7 -3p 2j4 -45 2ju -4l 2kj -57,2kk -58 2l2 -5r 2l5 -4u 2l3 -42 2l0 -39,2lv -39 325 -6d,2n3 -7b 326 -7c,2m0 -3a 2n4 -7b,322 -6c 323 -7b,353 -hh 341 -hh 32r -hg 31g -hg 30b -hg 2v1 -hf 2tj -hi,2to -hh 2ss -hi 2rt -hg 2qs -h5 2po -gj 2oi -ft 2n7 -f6 2lu -ek 2kh -e2,2vk -n7 2u9 -n7 2sr -n7 2rc -n7,342 7h 3bb 7j,3bc 7i 3be 8d 3bi 9e 3bo ak 3c0 bu 3cc df 3co ep 3d8 g2 3e2 hb 3f0 ig 3fv jg 3gu kb 3hu l2 3j4 ll 3ki m5 3m2 mi 3nl mt 3p1 n4 3qb n9 3rl ne 3su ni 3ua nm 3ve nq 40u nt,40s nt 41r nt 42u nu,42p o0 43m o0 44t o0 462 nt 479 nl 48h n9 49n mp 4ar m6 4bp li 4ck kr 4dd k0,4e4 iv 4er ho 4fe gf,4fe gh 4fu f5 4g8 dn 4gf c9,4dd k1 4e5 it,k8 -1s jp -25,2qb 6f 2re 6k,4ka qb 4l8 rl 4m7 sp 4n7 tp,4n7 tn 4o5 uf 4p4 v5 4qe vq 4ro 10c 4ta 10t 4ur 11c 50e 11p 52e 124 543 129,53u 129 55g 12c 576 12f 59a 12h 5b4 12i 5d3 12i 5f1 12f 5gu 127 5ir 11q 5km 11b 5mh 10p 5o8 102 5pr v7 5rc u7,5r7 u8 5s1 tf 5st sh 5tt rc 5up q6 5vg p0 602 no 60h md 60u ku 616 ji 617 i8 614 gu 60v fn,610 fn 620 fn 630 fn,5dg -5d 5ef -5h 5fj -5d 5go -4u 5hp -4c 5ip -3r 5js -3e 5l4 -3c 5me -3l 5ng -49 5oc -56 5p9 -5r 5qh -5k 5rh -4r 5s7 -3t 5t3 -33 5ud -2d 5vo -23 617 -22 62m -2d 641 -33 652 -3q 667 -49 67b -3k 68c -2o 69i -1r 6av -1b 6ca -1c,535 -du 536 -cv 53g -bv 543 -as 54r -9p 55p -8o 56s -7p 580 -70 599 -6b 5an -5r 5c8 -5k 5dj -5h,4gf cb 4gf da 4gg ea 4gi fd 4gl gk,4gl gj 4gn hf 4gq ib 4h0 j8 4h9 k6 4hj l5 4hv m3 4ia mt 4in nn 4j4 of,4j4 oe 4kc qe,5vh 6h 5vc 5f 5us 4e 5u4 3l 5t4 35 5rv 2n 5qi 2e 5p9 2i 5nv 30 5mn 3s 5ln 56 5ku 6s 5kc 8k 5k6 ac 5kf bt 5l3 d7 5m5 ea 5nj et 5p6 f1 5qo ep 5s1 e3,631 fq 631 hh 631 jk 632 l8 632 na 632 p5 632 qq 633 s9 633 tj 633 v2 633 10a 633 11b 633 12d 633 13e 633 14b 633 155,67g cf 68o c5 6a5 bk 6bg av 6co ad 6e1 a6,70f bd 71i bh 72k bu 73j ck 74e df 755 ec 75r fc,62t em 63k f7 64e ft 659 gh 667 ha 674 i3 68e iq 69m jg 6b2 k7 6cg ko 6dv l3 6fh lb,6jt m4 6m4 md 6nm mi 6pk mo 6rm mt 6tn n1 6vn n3 71o n2 73j mt 758 ml 76k m9 77q lo,78v lh 7bf nu,6ff lb 6i6 lp,6i5 lp 6jv m4,7bf o1 7cb op 7da pi 7e9 q5 7ff ql 7go r1 7i2 r8 7jd r8,7bd nu 7bq o9,-3g 1i -4u 1h -65 1g -7l 1f -91 1e -ae 1d -bo 1c -da 1b -ep 19 -gc 15 -hs t -jg g -l4 -4 -mn -11 -ob -20 -q0 -33,-q3 -33 -q2 -23,-13a -4h -191 -4h,-1ab r -1ab -4k -1g9 -4m,-1hk m -1hk -4m -1nn -4k -1np r,-128 -4h -12o -4h,-12p -4h -12o 19,-139 -4i -139 17,-19v -4i -19v 10,-19v -4j -190 -4h,-1g8 -4l -1h6 -4m -1h2 q,-1o5 t -1o2 -4l -1tu -4l -1tu 9,-1ul r -1ul -4f,-1ul -4i -1v5 -3q -1vr -34 -20i -2d -21c -1l -22d -10 -23l -f -253 -4 -26i 5 -280 c -29c i -2ao m -2c1 m -2d6 m,-1as -7t -1c1 -81 -1d5 -84 -1ea -86 -1fl -8a -1h5 -8i -1il -90 -1jj -98 -1kk -9j -1lh -a0 -1mf -ah -1n8 -b7 -1nt -bn -1oj -ca -1p7 -cu -1pn -dm -1q2 -ei -1qd -fk,2rd -n7 2f3 -nd,2f5 -ne 2dv -ne 2cm -ne 2b3 -ng 29l -np 287 -o5 26r -om 25i -pb 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-51k 6r -56t 6o,-56s 6o -56p 9l -52b 9l -5cg 9l,-56s 6o -547 5g -547 6j,-547 5v -53l 5v -530 6m -52s 6q,-547 6h -547 6p,-547 5o -540 5p -541 5v,-53v 5u -53v 5p -542 5p,-56r 6o -58c 9l,-3r3 -ct -3rp -dp,-3rq -dq -3rp -cu -3ro -c4 -3rn -bc -3rn -at,-3ro -b2 -3tt -b2 -3vp -b2 -41g -b3 -434 -b3 -452 -b3 -46u -b3 -48u -b1 -4au -av -4d1 -av -4f4 -b1,-3th -b3 -3u8 -fk -3uu -b5,-3vl -b3 -40o -it -41r -b3,-42c -b3 -43p -mi -459 -b5,-45g -b5 -47c -ml -493 -b3,-49n -b5 -4ao -l3 -4cu -au,-4ev -b0 -4pe -b8,-3r5 -cv -3qi -c5 -3q0 -ba -3pa -ad,-4do -iv -4eb -i3 -4eo -h7 -4f2 -g9 -4fa -fb -4fi -ea -4fn -df -4fr -co -4fu -c5 -4g0 -bh -4g1 -b1,-4d6 -jn -4ec -j7 -4fd -in -4gg -i5 -4hl -hj -4iq -h2 -4jv -gh -4l9 -g1 -4mh -fj -4nu -f6 -4pf -er -4r4 -ek -4sp -ee -4ug -e9,-3pe -ah -3ou -9r -3oa -94 -3ni -8g -3mk -7q -3l8 -75 -3ju -6j -3ij -66 -3h6 -5s -3fn -5l -3e8 -5j -3cs -5l -3bk -5t -3a9 -6c -396 -6u -38b -7j -37m -8f -378 -9b -36t -a6,-36o -ap -36t -a5,-4d6 -jn -4cl -ju -4do -iv,-36o -am -36h -9s -368 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