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What do you know about ME?

Posted Oct 6, '08 at 3:51pm



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ok, The Rules: 1.You say everything you know about the poster before you, I'd do that, but I'm the OP. 2.There is no 2 3. Standard forum rooms, no spamming, flaming, etc...

This game is for people to get to know each other better, and have a good time...

So I leave you with this question; "What do you know about ME?"

*laughs and walks off* *whisper*"they know nothing..."


Posted Oct 6, '08 at 4:47pm



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OK heres goes. this dude above me is Pazx, no idea how to pronounce that. errr, hes pretty much a beast, and im first poster so FTW!


Posted Oct 6, '08 at 4:56pm



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at this time he has 11 posts, is a gold serf, has an archer armatar, and his name is Hungry4Pie, and he likes pie, and he is hungry for pie


Posted Oct 6, '08 at 8:36pm



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your sister is C_is_for_cookie.......uh wat the person below me know about me

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