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Is there... A heaven? Have we been put down here for something?

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Posted Mar 30, '08 at 1:18pm



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Heh. There is a way to accept one's own impermanence and insignificance; a way to just 'be'.

But if you must think there is a purpose for your existence, there is little to stop you from doing so...and much to compel you to do so.


Posted Mar 30, '08 at 3:13pm



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We have been put down here to live!
And when we are done we die!

Ahem.. yeah, we have been put down here for something. To live, and to be happy. Why would we be here if we wasen't put here for a reason? After death, some think you get a new live, reborn. Other people think you get to Heaven, or Paradise. What's the meaning of going to Heaven, then? To live, and be happy..? What's the meaning of living, and beeing happy? What is happy? What is to live?

Dude, don't worry about tomorrow, worry about today and everything will be fine

"The purpose of life, is to have a life of purpose"


Posted Mar 30, '08 at 5:57pm



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You shouldnt be scared of death just like what "Clam" said. If yuo are christian you know that there god is looking at you every day and wacthing you...
And protecting every kinda of person...
Butt god put us here for a reason.To let of have your life. He wanted us to have a nice and fun life. He wanted us to learn about him on the earth so in heaven you can know more things about him


Posted Mar 30, '08 at 7:11pm



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We have no real reason a billion years ago two little amebas go it on and created us if you would like me to explain what happens in the after live just ask me and i will explain it to you !