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Yay for Sonny 3 lead in!

Posted Dec 24, '08 at 9:06am



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Well, there will be hopefully newer zones and achievements on the way. I prefer newer zones than a whole new game, I mean, why bother? Taking the slightly easier route makes much more sense...


Posted Dec 26, '08 at 9:49am



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Nah. Sonny 1 was awesome Sonny 2 was awesome aswell but then a 3rd one... nah the game might become too boring with the same concept. and i think we will need to wait longer that we waited for the second one cause to make the 3rd one better, he needs to include new things and he is using up tons of ideas every seual. also, we waited 2 YEARS for Sonny 2! and when it came out, it was full of glitches and bugs. And in Sonny 3, Krin might wanna check the game for bugs and glitches and when he finds some, it takes time for him to fix it. soo 1st: Im not sure that "Sonny 3" will be that good. 2nd: We are propably gonna wait longer.



Posted Dec 26, '08 at 5:01pm



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I wouldn't mind the wait, cuz 3 will prob be the best one, although I agree with N00BKiller.


Posted Dec 26, '08 at 6:07pm



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Sonny 3 needs an interactive PVP


Posted Dec 26, '08 at 9:41pm



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Personally i have been waiting for Sinjid 3 since the Sinjid Series was Krin's first successful bunch of games


Posted Dec 28, '08 at 11:39am



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sonny 3 it probly wont be out for a year or year and a half

but so far i want krin to focus on fixing the bugs on sonny 2 and adding new areas the start working on sonny 3 then after sonny 3 is done we will have a trilogy

untill sonny 3 i leave this message for krin hire more workers


Posted Dec 28, '08 at 12:26pm



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More like 2 years at the least. Copied from krinlabs:

"Well we'll definitely need one more Sonny product to finish off the story in a satisfactory way.

But this doesn't necessarily confirm the production of Sonny 3 yet. We have some problems.

1. Other games currently lined up. And also with my Uni course getting more and more intense, I have less time to work on Flash.

2. Sonny 3 will need to be bounds better than Sonny 2. I hate making a sequel that is worse than the one before it. But this will be a hard feat because the Sonny engine is starting to show its age. We still have tricks up our sleeves, and ideas for engine improvement, such as 'Reflect' mechanics, abilities being linked to more than 1 buff, AoE, etc... Maybe spells like 'Avenger' from Sinjid, or the ability to summon new units into empty team slots.

3. Improved PvP. I would really like to give Sonny 3 online PvP. But if we manage to even do that (not even sure if we can), it would probably be hackable, and so it'd be mainly for fun.

As for the classes, I think I'm quite happy with Hydro Bio and Psycho, so we'll probably keep those and make few minor tweaks to their abilities. Especially the ones that don't get used a lot, and make them more useful.

But then we'll probably add one more class into the mix. Any guesses as to what that can be? Smile Bio, Psycho, Hydro... There's only one logical addition!"

Linky if you don't believe:


Posted Dec 28, '08 at 3:35pm



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There will be one, but it will be a while before it's out. For in every marketing field you have to wait a certain amount of time till the one that is out has cooled down so all of the parts get a lot of fame.


Posted Dec 28, '08 at 3:52pm



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The Sonny Chronicles


Posted Dec 28, '08 at 4:11pm



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I can wait for a third Sonny.

I'm more impatient about a third Last Stand.

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