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[OFFICIAL] AG Characters

Posted May 8, '09 at 12:31pm



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Alright, time to kick this off again, now that I'm doing official Moderator characters! This time, I bring you...Asherlee!


Alias: Asherlee
Sex/Gender: Female
Species: Human (albeit disturbingly large)


Asherlee is a giant, imposing figure with abnormal strength of both body and presence.

Height: ~210cm
Mass: ~110kg
Build: Very strong and muscular.
Abnormally muscular.
Abnormally muscular.
Abnormally muscular.
Strong head of auburn hair.
Irises are green in the middle but coppery closer to the edges.
Strong facial features, particularly broad mouth and bushy eyebrows.

Please note that this does not reflect Asherlee's appearance in real life!


Clothing: Red dress. May include belt, and skirt may be pleated in future. Spartan sandals.
Two gold bracers.
Gold headband.
Two legendary ArmorGames swords (the ones that appear on the logo).


Personality: Direct, outspoken and fearless. Wades right into the thick of things and frequently quells conflict by overpowering everybody with the gravity of her mere presence.
Likes: Psychology, strong people, loud colours, fighting.
Dislikes: Homophobes and haters in general, gender stereotypes, bureaucrats.
* Asherlee never hesitated to explain that she is, in fact, a lesbian.
* Despite her pugilistic appearance, Asherlee is really quite the motherly figure.
* Out of all the moderators, Asherlee is one of the most strongly 'good' aligned.
* Asherlee and Strop hit it off right away because both are rather physical beings and have common goals of great justice. Though Asherlee's guns are several times bigger than Strop's...

Asherlee will crush youuuuuuuu~

* Asherlee is a high-ranking Breakfastarian. She has a Level 2 evil laugh, which, well...


Occupation: Moderator, warrior woman.
Hobbies: Polishing her swords, going on long runs, running local charities.
Accomodation: I don't know, so I'm just going to say at her size, wherever she d*** well pleases!
Backstory: It should be obvious to you that Asherlee has always stood out for a variety of reasons. It seems she has taken this reality upon her very broad shoulders, for it may be this that motivates her broader goals.

Asherlee's quest appears rather similar to Strop's (and, if you read Naruto, Jiariya's)- to develop a world where people understand and accept each other. It seems that where Strop may have started out as a shrinking violet, Asherlee is more confident and effectively wields her extraordinary power, serving as an inspiration to Strop.

However, Asherlee disappeared from the kingdom of AG shortly after the Switchfoot Chronicles. For the purposes of this story, the exact circumstances behind this remain to this day unknown.


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Reminder to those who left complements: much appreciated, but would be even more appreciated if you could read the original post.

Thank you!


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This thread is now open to candidates for the Way of Moderation Trials!


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Name: Banana King, because he is the king of Banana Land. Before he was king his name was Banana Man.


Height: 6.56 feet Metric: 2 meters

66,14 pounds Metric: 30 kilograms

Age: 140560 years old

A crown and shoes.

138551 B.C in Banana Kingdom (old banana land)

Hair: Short brown hair.

Bitter, jealous of everything, greedy, selfish, stubborn, mean and angry.

Color: Yellow, but turns red when angry.

Build: He is fat for being a banana, and he never brushes his teeth. That is why his teeth are yellow as himself. The teeth are also rotten, just like him.

Likes: Bananas, money and fame.

Dislikes: Everything else.

Occupation: King.


Backstory: Before he became a king, he was a man. Not an ordinary man, a mean selfish man. And he still is. Banana Father was king of the land of bananas that time, but soon he died. Now Banana King took his place for no particular reason.


How he defends himself:

Banana Peel:

He peels himself, and then throws the peel on the ground in front of the target at the speed of light so the target wonât notice. The peel grows back after 48 hours.

Cannibalismâs Recover:

He bites his arm to recover all injuries, but yet it hurts.

Acid Banana:

He turns into banana-shaped acid and hops into the targetâs mouth, then from the inside he makes a hole into the targets stomach.


He takes off his crown and spins it like a boomerang at the target.

Banana Juice:

He peels himself, then shoots Banana Juice all over the target. When he runs out of Banana Juice, he has to drink liquid to reload.



He wants to join the WoM, so he came to the Land of ArmorGames.
He wants to rule more. He wants power. He is mad with power, because if you're mad without power nobody listens to you!


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Name: Manta

Species: Fish-Man

Age: 17

Gender: male

Outstanding Physical Traits:

*He has blue-tinted, scaly skin on the back, arms & legs, but not the front torso region.

*There are gills on the neck and a large dorsal fin lies on top of his head, protruding out from his hair, and there are two more fins spanning from the forearm to the upper arm.

*He has webbed hands & feet and he has 5 normal fingers, but 3 clawed toes in front of his feet, and another one on the inner part of each foot.

*On his face is a pair of deep green eyes and smallish nose, complete with an emotionless mouth.

Height: 5â11â

Weight: 170 Lbs

Build: Well-Built, but not freakishly muscular; athletic.

Clothing: A pair of white swim trunks with a black spot on the left leg (original, no?) and bandages around the palm of his right hand (also original, no?). he never really changes⦠water keeps his clothes generally clean.


* A bright red clam shell, given to him by his father. It allows him block out the noise pollution of useless opinions

*A bo staff

*A small, portable hose, that fires with extreme force. He uses it on people when he wants to be left alone.


Personality: He is extremely laid-back and, at times, lazy. He is in a good mood most of the time, but it rarely shows. He tends to be very sarcastic when asked or told something pointless, or for that matter, something useful. If he feels the current subject is important and that he knows a lot about it, he can be extremely intellectual and will contribute what he can.

Other than that, there are few things that can get him active.

Likes: water, Marine Life, Tacos, Lolcats, Fighting, and, when not observing, eating, or performing the aforementioned items, sleeping.

Dislikes: pointless information, Necromancy (He strongly believes that the dead are dead for a reason, and should stay that way), Spam, Flames, being awoken from sleep, and angry, conceited people.


Abilities: Manta is amphibious; he can thrive in water and on land. On top of that, he is quite adept at the art of Kickboxing, despite his âSave-it-for-laterâ attitude. The Fish-Man is very devoted to his training.

Backstory: the Fish-Men are an extremely small tribe of people who live under a lake just outside Armor Castle. There are only about 20 of them. Each one is named after a species of aquatic creature, or has a name similar to that of an aquatic creature. There are some more slick and attractive names, such as Moray, Octorus, and Sting. Some less⦠appealing names include Cuttlefish, Hag-eel, and Angler. Tradition says they will be named after the first Animal you see when they are born.

Manta is generally well-respected in his tiny village, with no enemies. His father died when he was an infant, during the troll wars. So, he helps support his single mother while finding time to not do anything.

Manta means âhe who is destined to make an attempt at greatness and maybe fail, but hopefully succeed.â Thus, the way of moderation contest will theoretically fulfill that destiny.

And here is a poorly executed image of him:
I had edited it, but I can't find that version, so that's just the original. sorry it's so bad.
'ere we go. I hope it's up to par.


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Name: Pixel (a.k.a. Pixel the Pixie)
Nickname: Pix or Pixie
Age: 31.4 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Pixie (Impus pixieusmajor)

Height: 5 foot 10 inches or 1.7 metres or 1.9x10^-16 light years (irrelevant but interesting)
Mass: 8 stone 1 pound or 51 kilograms
Build: Thin and stick-like, though not lanky.
Light blue wings with dark blue veins through them
Short dark brown hair that is of medium length but always swept out of his eyes for maximum focus
Un-pointed ears with lobes.

Black T-shirt, dark blue jeans and a dark brown hoodie, only if the weather is bad. His wings are visible through the clothes so flight is always an option. He wears battered old white trainers. A jet-black belt.

A compass that points to many things but no one except Pixel is quite sure what however.
A curved cutlass he found in the wreck of a pirate ship.
The mandatory rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle which he keeps hanging by the neck from his belt.
A small black MP3 player he uses to relax and get away from the world
A thick pair of black gloves

Personality: His ability to stay calm in situations is often confused with unenthusiasm. He will strive to find the right answer and sometimes puts others before himself. He can be quite cynical at times but tries to be open-minded

Likes: BritPop music and he is a huge fan of Oasis. His favourite comedian is Bill Hicks who's own brand of hate fuelled helps to give Pixel an interesting pespective on some issues.

Dislikes: Soulless people that fellow trends and fads to seem "cool" people who get so caught up in trying to do what others expect of them and want them to do that they end up with no sense of themself.


Hobbies: Watching stand up shows of his favourite comedians, listening to music on his MP3 player. Training with his cutlass.

Accomodation: A small castle that is grand yet not ostentatious. It is well kept and is surrounded by a large moat.

Background: Once shy but feels comfortable in the world of Armor Games. In is home town he felt insecure and lonely but has found himself in AG. He was bullied as a young child and as a defense tries never to displease people unless it is necesary in an attempt to not bring the attention of bullies to him again.

My badly drawn pic of him

If this comes out with dumb symbols etc. I'm sorry...


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Name: FireflyIV, more commonly known as 'Firefly' or just 'Fire' for informal occassions.

Age: Unkown, but rumour has it he is around 19.

Sex: Male.

Species: Spectral Humanoid.


Height 140cm
Weight: 70kg

Despite being a spectral being, FireflyIV is vulnerable whilst visiting the physical plain of existence, ie. he can physically interact with his environment and in turn can be interacted with. He does however retain the ability to hover off the ground, but cannot exceed a height of around 10 feet. FireflyIV's top horizontal speed is 20mph, although that can only be sustained for short periods of time. Most of the time he averages around 7mph.

Clothing: FireflyIV sports a purple hoodie which he never removes.

Tools: FireflyIV's primary weapon is a Stock Tip Krylon aerosol can, which has a range of about 10 feet. It will eventually run out of juice. FireflyIV's secondary weapon is a stencil, mainly for close quarters work. The substances these weapons release will stick to any surface indefinitely., but are also highly corrosive when it comes into contact with living tissue. FireflyIV is of course immune to their effects, as he has built up a resistance over the years.


Adventerous and sociable, but is very serious when there is work to be done.

Despite having no legs, is an adept football player (soccer for those across the pond), as well as boxing. His preferred fighting style is 'Orthodox'.


FireflyIV tagged, upped, pieced and produced his way to fame. Beginning at the tender age of 11, mentored by his mysterious older brother. His chief skill sets include cholo style, silvers and collabs.

FireflyIV occupies a modest little dig equidistant between the World Events and Art sections of the Armor City. He seldom receives visitors, but gets along just fine.

Motivation: FireflyIV is tired of the hectic wizard lifestyle and wants to settle down into a more established position in the Armor City through his endeavours in the WoM.


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Name: Bluydee


Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 140 pounds
Age: 26


Clothing: What a normal bounty hunter he is.
Weapons: His crossbow and his knife


Personality: Angry but shows a soft side for animals.
Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Everything

Background: When bluydee was wandering from his home land Newgrounds, he found the forest linking AG and NG. This he did not know so he entered it. There he saw a forgotten crossbow and some bounty hunter stuff. He decided to go to the city and he wasn`t much welcomed. He soon saw the bountys of the outlaws so he started killing them and in reward he got money. Then a new outlaw that was near impossible to kill came to town. Bluydee had gone beserk after he found out the new outlaw killed his family and friends back in NG. Bluydee gotten so strong that he became a dragon stronger. sOON HE FINALLY KILLED THE OUTLAW.
Description: Red reptillan bounty hunter.


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Alias: Chill
Age: 12, nearly 13.
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Homo Sapiens Sapiens


Is a fast runner, though isn't very physically strong.

Height: 5 foot, 5 inches
Mass 102 pounds
Build: Skinny-ish, fast and medium strength.
*Medium-length blond hair
*light blue eyes
*slightly long limbs
*is limited by asthma, takes fluticasone propionate inhaled preventative medication 3 times a day to help symptoms
*is always thirsty, drinks lots of liquids
*very good eyesight, but a bit clumsy
*gets migraines somewhat often- usually at night


Clothing: White T-shirt, athletic pants or shorts or blue jeans, a blue hoodie which he wears a lot

*almost always has a mug of coffee or tea in hand
*a plastic spork
*ALWAYS has a pack of mint gum with him, usually winterblue Stride or 5 Solstice


Personality: Reserved, pensive, yet caring. Also articulate, intelligent, hesitant, yet also fervent to eliminate personal threat if it happens upon him. Complex, seems to have painful memories from his past that trouble him sometimes. Dedicated, careful, kind only to those who know him, but rarely rude. Often dwells unnecessarily on mistakes he's made in the past, and still feels guilty even over little things after complete reconciliation
Likes: Excruciatingly hot food, the cold, cool things, cold food and drink, warm food and drink, food in general, drink in general, nice people, books, music (is known to allude to literature and music in conversation, is well-versed in both) swimming, sporks, shocks of the senses, video games, fun stuff, fun people,
Dislikes: Overly fervent conservatism, overly fervent liberalism, overly fervent stuff in general, annoying people, bad food, fundamentalist rhetoric, telemarketers, bright lights, loud people, ignorance, and unnecessary acquiescence to pointless things
*Is bitingly cynical
*painfully sarcastic
*likes to joke about stuff
*is often mocking, but deeply cares about friends and acquaintances
*is either very mature or sophomoric
*likes to write and draw stuff
*hides sadness and depression whenever he feels thus

Hobbies: Art, writing, reading, swimming, EATING FOOD. Also listens to music a ton.
Accomodation: The Top 100 lane in Armorland. Also, he has a secret study which he retreats to often to write and read.
Backstory: He lived in Addictingland for much of his life. When the Dress-Up Regime took over, he instantly left. He became a drifter, going from place to place until he found Armorland. Due to his intelligence and lack of physical strength, he decided to try his hand at majick- the Cult of George found him, and he rose through the ranks and quickly became a grandmaster. His abilities were honed, and now he is proficient in the use of majick, especially with affecting water- this became useful as his fame rose and people started spamming and flaming. Defense was on his mind first, and it always will be. . . .


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Name: Frank
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Build: Lean, athletic
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 110 lb
-Medium length dark brown hair
-Sage green eyes
-Red bandanna
-White shirt
-Light brown overcoat
-Red sash
-Light brown baggy pants
-Black boots

-Old longbow with six arrows
-Cutlass given to him by his captain
-Silver medallion given to him by his brother(deceased)

Occupation: Sky-pirate(cabin boy)
Personality: At best, cool and collected, at worst, explosive and extremely critical. Most in-sync with things relating to earth.
Likes: The earth, the sky, being a pirate, freedom, adventure, debate, art, music, writing, swordplay, archery, good people in general, quiet, the color blue
Dislikes: Irritating people, bigots, extremely spicy foods, hot summer days, bad people in general, spiders, headaches(he gets really bad ones), bright lights, waking up earlier than 10:00, self-centered.people

Background: Frank was born in the town of Minstrel, located five miles east of the Aeris sky-port. He came from a long line of aristocrats, a people he thought distasteful since he figured out what they were. When he was eleven, Frank ran away from his house towards the dock, hoping to find a better place among the crew of a sky-ship. What he found was the life of a pirate. Frank has been serving as cabin boy on the sky-ship Poison for six years. Only a few months ago, his captain decided to dock in a place called Armorland. Since then, Frank has found a place in the community of Armorland, traveling through the forums and their many threads, encountering new surprises around every corner.

Updated the char. page a bit, hope you don't mind. Plus, I'm on my dad's computer so I didn't have the original anyway.

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