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As the games starts you just have to get money and buy clothes and wepons.once you are in the last battle of the ship place you need mostly armour and a fireaxe to win faster.once your of the ship the first thing I recomend you to do is to train alot then take it from there.on the boss in the beach havegood wepons and the skill break because that way he wount heal for so long.then when your in the plains get full surviver armour.once that done try to get the best wepon there for a destroyer that way you can kill the enemys faster.once all thats done you will encounter a redlooking beast the fastest way to beat him is to heal the blue padain so he dosnt die although you might die he wount and he will kill him.Now you have to face the padain himself!But its quit simple because all you need is the following abilitys -break- -masterstrike- -ReForm- and mabey -burn-. now get the oponent to 600hp or lower (if he dosnt heal) then knock him out with break then give it all you got! That is all you need to know of the game but I wount tell you of zone 4 becaouse its a stragetygame too so figer that part too but Ill tell you its no easy doing.


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Haven't you read all of the recent posts about there being too many sonny walkthroughs? The mods are trying to consolidate everything into one walkthrough, which, last time I checked, is being worked on here.


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Ubertuna, you took the words right out of my mouth.

P.S. Please follow his link to get to our Sonny Walk Through Thread