Well, the Wii did sell more than Xbox360 and PS3 combined, so... and the DS sold twice as many than each of them. The only console that sony is better than was the PS2 to the Gamecube.

No it didn't sell as much as both of them combined (check wikipedia) - the differnce isn't even that high considring the lower price.

True, and I hope you meant perspective, not subjective.

I guess so I'm not from US or UK however if you say it is true then you cannot say that Wii U's gameplay is clearly superior.

The Wii's graphics aren't much better than the DS or the Gamecube.

That's wrong DS is on N64 level and Wii' s graphics weren't THAT outdated.

Wii U isn't their ""idea"" is basically Sony's because PS3 and using your Vita with the PS3 and the Ps4 is smart its awesome

I think that Wii U came before that kind of conection was possible but it's still not such stunning feature to boost sales by much. Also it's sort of different with Vita - Ps conection because this set together is absurdly expensive (over thousand dollars in my country) and Vita isn't doing exactly well either.

While the Wii decides to stay in the Past and stay with their OLD franchises that are Outdated.

Their old and outdated franchises get pretty high scores and they're only reason why someone still buys their consoles so I wouldn't bring that one up.