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Xbox 360 vs. Wii U vs. Playstation 3

Posted Aug 30, '09 at 11:42pm



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Wii is old not good graphics and stuff. The PS3 has the new games already coming out like MW2. The Xbox 360 does have the new Halo game but its just new maps to the Halo3


Posted Aug 31, '09 at 1:00am



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GamesArmor... wow...

Those are exactly the type of posts we need... instead of "PS3 ftw!!!1one" and all that stuff. Just wanted to commend you on that

If there were "forum merits" you would definitely deserve one


Posted Aug 31, '09 at 1:51am



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I think Wii is best because its totally a new style of playing games, the graphics are ok, and maybe the xbox will be best than the wii, but any of both have blue ray play, so I stay with the wii


Posted Aug 31, '09 at 2:11am



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1)-PS3-PS3 is known to be very reliable, very useful, and very popular. I agree with it all PS3 beats xbox360 and wii. PS3 also had free online unlike Xbox,

2)-Xbox360-Everyone knows the Xbox360 for Gears of War 2 and so on but they also know it for RING OF DEATH!and expensive online that on the PS3 is free!!!

3)-wii-Known for sport games and mario kart but also for sucky graphics.

As you can see I say PS3 all the way, Xbox okay, wii Blahh rather throwup. Well theres what i say.


Posted Aug 31, '09 at 4:56am



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Xbox 360 wins for graphics, connection quality, range of games and games for microsoft (purchase via points)


Posted Aug 31, '09 at 5:40pm



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I THINK THE PS3 is the best gaming consol but the WII is the most fun, practicle and all round best console the 360 has good games and live but is far over rated, unreliable, no built in WIFI and it is poorly built. I have a WII and i think it is the best game console.

3rd. XBOX 360


Posted Aug 31, '09 at 6:26pm



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the PS3 is the best game system also the PS3 console is wireless and you can tilt it and stuff in some games to make things move


Posted Aug 31, '09 at 9:42pm



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360 ftw. it has better looks and gameplay. the games like halo 3 and GTA, the games are SOOOOOOO COOL.


Posted Aug 31, '09 at 10:24pm



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I think the XBox 360m is a better console. XBox live is extremely easy to use and the microsoft points system is pretty convenient. I also really like the avatars. Its really fun customizing them and threre are a lot of options to choose from. Not to mention that there are a lot of games and game add-ons that are 360 exclusive.
But The Wii also has a lot going for it as well. Its a lot more interactive and has a lot of games that are fun to play, while giving you a pretty good workout.
I haven't played a PS3, so I don't think my opinion would really count for much.


Posted Sep 1, '09 at 1:13pm



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I'll make a little list for you

Best hardware:

1st Playstation 3.
2nd Xbox 360.
3rd Wii

If you want me to get technical about hardware just ask:P

Best Games:

Opinion. (Seriously it's true!!)

Best Controller:


Best Online Service:

Opinion. BUT I've tested all the consoles on my own internet connection and in my experience the Wii has the worst speed. The 360 got most adds and other spam. The PS3 acctually was fastest (in my experience)

I did test all of them at different times NOT all of them at the same time.

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