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Evolution or Divine Creation

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Posted Mar 30, '08 at 11:33am



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I personally dont believe in divine creation because of how much proof there is of evolution, but who was to say that Adam and Eve looked like us, they might of bin cave men? One controversy of evolution is "why are there still apes if we have evolved from them". If you know about apes there are many different types, gorillas, chimps orangutans and gibbons, they are the closest relative to us human beings.

My theory is that there was another ape more like humans that stood on two feet, were knowledgeable enough to make tools to cut things and then we grew from there by experimenting with things and increasing our consciousness, then discovering fire.

Devine creation has no proof, there is nothing on this earth that proves that we were created as we are. Only Christianity the Bible contredict science and fact. So without proof its a pretty stupid thing to say.


Posted Mar 30, '08 at 11:45am



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