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Modern Warfare 2

Posted Mar 27, '12 at 9:30pm



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ha i played mw2 a few days ago and its full of..
whiny little kids
noob tubers from acrose the map who get nukes
its a lot harder then i rember :P its waaay harder than mw3. its so weird.


Posted Mar 29, '12 at 1:10pm



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yeah it's harder than MW3, i just wish they were all n00b tubers like they were for you, when i played almost everyone was a sniper with the intervention and 1/4 of them probably were quickscopers maybe it was the time of day i was playing on i certainly hope so but i guess we'll see today


Posted Aug 20, '14 at 4:47pm



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Um..... Spike? Rage much?

I played this at my friends house. It was good but too easy. The single player has a good story but the multiplayer consists of nothing but little kids.

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