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Age Of War 2

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lol i feel here like a beginer,well to topic the game is really funny u should make a clear strategy never forget the cheapest units arent so strong but fast and can be a real help ,but to rely on one unit can mean your lose so make a clear strategy to win a match


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First off I'd like to say that it is pretty awesome that there is 100 posts on this thread. But let's get to the guide.

So I can finally stop playing this game and finally make the ultimate guide.

The guide to beating age of war 2on any difficulty (Including insane)100% of the time

Firstly, just some quick things you should do immediately.

1. Mute game volume (I know the song is awesome but I need you to concentrate)
2. NEVER go to 2x unless ONLY making one unit.
3. If I say to upgrade something and you haven't got the cash then you might have messed up. This does happen and it can be down to luck in insane.

Secondly when I say "Base camping" I want you to stop making units until the enemies get in range of your turret. Battling a tough battle near your turret is much easier than a 50-50 fight in the middle.

Ok...let's start.

1st generation

Start the game by sending out one slinger. While waiting for it to die make a egg rifle. The egg rifle is quite good and I don't upgrade my turret ever after this.

After your slinger is sent out the opponent will use his special. Wait for the special to be over (if people are attacking your base, don't worry) and then start sending out units.

Send out your units like this (Keep repeating)

1. Club man (Infantry)
2. Slinger (Range)
3. Slinger (Range)

If you get the cash and you have a population of AT LEAST 5 upgrade your support range (For 300 coins) and start sending out units like this (Keep repeating)

1. Club man (Infantry)
2. Slinger (Range)
3. Slinger (Range)
4. Slinger (Range)

If by chance you start beating your opponent and the battle turns to 50-50 in the middle. Base camp so that your turret can get damage.

Do not hesitate to upload your support range again if you have the cash it can help out hugely. It happened for me every second game so it might be a good idea to even hold back on units (no less than 5) to get the upgrade.

Key points in game (Sorted by XP)

1. Did first range upgrade (Almost instantly)
2. Did second range upgrade (3760xp)- Not recommended, I was on 3 units for a while and only luckily just came out
3. Opponent upgraded (5395xp)

All most units got destroyed shortly after my opponent upgraded but luckily my turret killed the heavy armor (Ston age unit) and I managed to get to 9 units out really quickly as I upgraded.

Second Generation

Make sure you hold back a little if you have 8+ stone age units on the field already. An instant lightning strike will make you wish you din't make that infantry warrior.

Once again we use the same cycle

1. Sword Spartan (Infantry)
2. Spear Spartan (Range)
3. Spear Spartan (Range)
4. Spear Spartan (Range)

You actually begin to dominate on this age/generation. However once the other person starts making heavy armored units change your cycle.
When he does this you can get amazing gold and if you're lucky you should be able to get that third support range off.

1. Assault spartan (Anti-Armor)
2. Spear Spartan (Range)
3. Spear Spartan (Range)
4. Spear Spartan (Range)

You will begin to push the game into 50-50 at this point so make sure you base camp if this happens start using this cycle.

If you begin to totally dominate you may want to consider upgrading your gold. It can really be useful but if you feel you don't need it I believe support damage can still help.

Key points in game (Based on xp)

Base camped (3000xp)
Started using Assault spartan (5000xp)
Opponent upgraded (5400xp)
Upgraded range (7695xp)

Third generation

Change to 2x. Only use this cycle

1. Priest (Support)

Yeah...that's it. You will overpower the opponent so make sure that you camp base a couple of times and upgrade damage ASAP.

Key points in game

Upgrade support damage (Almost instantly)
Base camp/Opponent uses xp ability (3300xp)
Upgrade support damage again (6455xp)
Base camp (8395xp)

Fourth generation

From here on it is easy running

Once again only use the supports (Archers) and change to 2x.

They shouldn't use their special xp ability too early because you upgraded before them so make use of your time and counter attack after a quick base camp.

Key points in game (Sorted by xp)

0 units + Upgraded damage + Counter attack moment (3165xp + 4450 gold)
Opponent upgrades- To medieval (5000xp)
Started massive base camp ready for second counter attack on the fifth generation + Opponent on 790 HP +10/10 pop (9745xp)

Fifth generation

When I upgraded to fifth generation the opponent was on 345 health. I had 755 gold. My support damage and range was fully upgraded. I had zero population and my turret was still launching eggs. The only reason I didn't win on fourth is because the opponent used it's arrow attack and killed my archers.

The cycle is as follows

1. Rifleman (Support)

Key points in game (Sorted by xp)

10 units + 1000 gold + 50-50 battle (3000xp)

Sixth generation

Opponents trapped in his base. There is 9 rifleman on the field and for laughs I fully upgraded the coins

The cycle is as follows

1. Support

Key points in game (Sorted by xp)

I won (7900xp)

I can't believe I finally finished this game but...uh...yay?

I know this game is old but...


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