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My Problems with Avatar (spoilers)

Posted Aug 7, '10 at 10:27pm



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Avatar is pathetic. Honestly, it looks cool, explosions and all, but James Cameron blatantly saying "I am an eco-terrorist" and the fact that it's a tree-hugger movie just kills the whole thing. By the way, pollution is not a problem. And plants make up only a small portion of our oxygen.

Go green? Nah, I say nuke the forest!

Well your just loads of fun aren't you.

Posted Aug 7, '10 at 10:40pm



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By the way, pollution is not a problem. And plants make up only a small portion of our oxygen.

Pollution is not a problem?
Here's some types of pollution for you:

Air pollution: Air pollution is responsible for major health effects. Every year, the health of countless people is ruined or endangered by air pollution.

Many different chemicals in the air affect the human body in negative ways. Just how sick people will get depends on what chemicals they are exposed to, in what concentrations, and for how long.

Studies have estimated that the number of people killed annually in the US alone could be over 50,000.

Older people are highly vulnerable to diseases induced by air pollution. Those with heart or lung disorders are under additional risk. Children and infants are also at serious risk.

Because people are exposed to so many potentially dangerous pollutants, it is often hard to know exactly which pollutants are responsible for causing sickness. Also, because a mixture of different pollutants can intensify sickness, it is often difficult to isolate those pollutants that are at fault.

Many diseases could be caused by air pollution without their becoming apparent for a long time. Diseases such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease may all eventually appear in people exposed to air pollution.

Air pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide also have harmful effects on natural ecosystems. They can kill plants and trees by destroying their leaves, and can kill animals, especially fish in highly polluted rivers.

Water pollution: The effects of water pollution are varied and depend on what chemicals are dumped and in what locations.

Boston Harbor is a strong example of how badly pollution can damage bodies of water. The water is filled with toxic waste and sewage, and routinely receives more waste when rainfall pushes it into the harbor.

Many bodies of water near urban areas are highly polluted. This is the result of both garbage dumped by individuals and dangerous chemicals legally or illegally dumped by industries.

The main problem caused by water pollution is that it kills life that inhabits water-based ecosystems. Dead fish, birds, dolphins, and many other animals often wind up on beaches, killed by pollutants in their habitat.

Pollution disrupts the natural food chain as well. Pollutants such as lead and cadmium are eaten by tiny animals. Later, these animals are consumed by fish and shellfish, and the food chain continues to be disrupted at all higher levels.

Eventually, humans are affected by this process as well. People can get diseases such as hepatitis by eating seafood that has been poisoned.

Ecosystems can be severely changed or destroyed by water pollution. Many areas are now being affected by careless human pollution, and this pollution is coming back to hurt humans.

Contaminated land and pollution of groundwater: Contaminated or polluted soil directly affects human health through direct contact with soil or via inhalation of soil contaminants which have vaporized; potentially greater threats are posed by the infiltration of soil contamination into groundwater aquifers used for human consumption, sometimes in areas apparently far removed from any apparent source of above ground contamination.

Health consequences from exposure to soil contamination vary greatly depending on pollutant type, pathway of attack and vulnerability of the exposed population. Chronic exposure to chromium, lead and other metals, petroleum, solvents, and many pesticide and herbicide formulations can be carcinogenic, can cause congenital disorders, or can cause other chronic health conditions. Industrial or man-made concentrations of naturally-occurring substances, such as nitrate and ammonia associated with livestock manure from agricultural operations, have also been identified as health hazards in soil and groundwater.

Chronic exposure to benzene at sufficient concentrations is known to be associated with higher incidence of leukemia. Mercury and cyclodienes are known to induce higher incidences of kidney damage, some irreversible. PCBs and cyclodienes are linked to liver toxicity. Organophosphates and carbamates can induce a chain of responses leading to neuromuscular blockage. Many chlorinated solvents induce liver changes, kidney changes and depression of the central nervous system. There is an entire spectrum of further health effects such as headache, nausea, fatigue, eye irritation and skin rash for the above cited and other chemicals. At sufficient dosages a large number of soil contaminants can cause death by exposure via direct contact, inhalation or ingestion of contaminants in groundwater contaminated through soil.

And there are a few more types of pollution too, info taken from various sites.
Wiki and some library quest one xD

But as you can see, those aren't even close to ALL the effects pollution has.
Some I've taken just human effects others environmental effects.
Go read up on it before you talk sh*t

Posted Aug 8, '10 at 9:39pm



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I personally enjoyed Avatar.

I thought that the graphics were really good, and that was pretty much the entire movie's enjoyment.
The plot wasn't that great, though.
I did think it was interesting how their minds were moved into another body.
Isn't that why it's called Avatar? Online, your avatar is like your other self in a separate world. Interesting title.


Posted Aug 8, '10 at 9:41pm



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Everyone has a opinion. I loved the movie, not so much titanic though.


Posted Sep 18, '10 at 11:41pm



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I am not sure. It is very good, although...


Groundbeaking Graphics
A lot of Action
A just good Fantasy movie


This is not science fiction
This is fantasy
Many logical flaws, one-sided.

Pretty Much:







It is very average.


Posted Sep 19, '10 at 12:27am



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I didn't like the story either, but it did have great special effects.


Posted Sep 23, '10 at 8:18am



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i completely agree with thisisnotanalt. but I'm also glad that people are questioning the story.


Posted Mar 22, '13 at 2:11am



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How do you know they didn't try?
You don't.

Well.... if the nav'i are more used to their bodys, and probobly stronger for living in this enviorment for all their lives. if they tried this they would succeed.
So this one human guy in one of their bodys trys it and it works?

Posted Mar 22, '13 at 12:28pm



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Normally I would immediately slap a padlock on a thread that was necro'd from as far back as if it were from another dimension... but we'll see if you spiked a renewed discussion here bazz1.

It's under supervision with hope for activity, but as soon as it doesn't, let it die then, ok? =)


Posted Mar 22, '13 at 1:53pm



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HA! Ha haha... ha. HA! ha. Oh, memories. I can't read through this without smiling, as personally embarrassing as it is. It is rather tragic that this is the most successful thread I have ever made, and its essentially just me ranting about small, non-important details in a movie that I voluntarily watched. Also, wow! So many grammar errors. I give "me from 3 years ago" a 7.5/10 for entertainment value but a 3/10 for intelligence/logic.

Of course, I still stand by everything I said.

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