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I got some great Techniques for Colony. I will show you both in step by step.

Infinite Romans:
[Set to Fascists]
1. Build a Bank
2. Build a Forge (Don't build units yet!)
3. Build a Generator (Making energy)
4. Build another Generator (Making energy)
5. Upgrade both Generators
6. Collect At least $90 from Bank
7. Destroy Bank
8. Build another Generator and upgrade it (Making energy)
9. INFINITE ROMANS! (Deploy Romans from Forge)

Infinite Marines:
[Set to Communists]
1. Build a Bank
2. Build a Outpost (Don't build units yet!)
3. Build an Armory (Set to "Plan Financial Support")
4. Build another Armory (Set both Armories to "Planning Reinforcements")
5. INFINITE MARINES! (Deploy Marines from Outpost)

If you got any question about these techniques, ask away!
I may post some more techniques so yeah... you can post some two!

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