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Warlord strategies

Posted Apr 25, '08 at 11:30pm



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I started playing warlords not too long ago, and everytime I've played, each time with a different race, i would get to the last few territories and get stuck. So I wonder: which race would be the best to play as (other than the demons) and should I upgrade my units first or buy more unit types? If you have any other suggestions, feel free to post them here as well.


Posted Apr 25, '08 at 11:48pm



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Well the only races that I have try are the Man of the West and the Undead, and I have to say that the Undead are probably the best. I beat the whole game with them. What I did was just bought the reaper holding people, the swinging mace people, and scouts. Those were they only ones I needed. After that just improve your reaper people(sorry forgot their name) and improve the armor and speed. Forget about upgrading the swordmans, and spearmans. Just use the reaper people, and a lot of them in a group, and they're really good and effective. That's how I won.


Posted Apr 26, '08 at 12:00am



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Here's my strategy. Pick Undead-Buy Halberdiers with the 500 dollar beginning cash you have. Beat the enemy with this attack. The crossbow strategy-Send all men in a single line to the other side. Ignore the men outside that line. You will finnaly have an unstopobbly line that will keep penetrating, until victory. Why I call it the crossbow strategy is because. You get all those men in a line and then send a charge then send more people in a line. Spearmen are a great alternative if you don't want to pick undead. Good luck xD

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