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[AG3 Q&A] Armor Points

Posted Oct 14, '10 at 7:59pm



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^If you don't have armor points on the next version, maybe you could have some sort of conversion to whatever different point system you create. If you decided to ditch them, the older users who have spent alot of time on the site gaining AP over the years would be back at square 1...probably wouldn't stay on the site very long after being de-throned.


Posted Oct 15, '10 at 10:44am



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Joe96, if you read the big sticky post I made about the AG3 Armor Points update, you'll see our current plan for points "conversion".

SerbianHero, yes, that's the model we want to switch to: points will be awarded for game interaction, and 'karma' (or whatever we end up calling it) will be for site interaction (comments, feedback, etc)

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