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Chatting on Armor games

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Posted Oct 19, '10 at 6:21am



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Well i came up with this idea.I heard also that you will be able to see if the user is online or offline on his profile.So i tought that you can chat with him.I know that you can post a comment on his profile but thats public.This chat would be private.The way i tought you could chat with your friend is like this:
You go on his profile then if he is online there will be a button which says Chat.Once you press chat a small popup will apear on your left side of your screen.It will say (Players name)Would like to chat with you.Then you click yes or no and then you chat.You also cant say bad words there.If you say a bad word the chat will automaticly shut off and you can not chat with that person for 5 minutes.Comment if you support or not.

P.S If you press chat you will get a pop up which will be ready for chat but the other player will choose yes or no to chat.


Posted Oct 19, '10 at 7:16am



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This was already confirmed to be on AG 3 a long time ago. Click here.


Posted Oct 19, '10 at 1:01pm



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To clarify, we're not planning any sort of live chat system at this time. Private user-to-user messages, and posting on profiles will be implemented.