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The Faces of Armor Games/Users - Official Photo Thread

Posted Jan 30, '13 at 10:28pm



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I have decided to post a more recent picture of me. Behold


Posted Feb 10, '13 at 6:41pm



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Well, crap. Let's try that again...

Behold, my face!

And now for just three of my nine cats!



And finally, Murdock:


Posted Feb 16, '13 at 4:18am



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Posted Feb 23, '13 at 11:57pm



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Upon learning my last pic came out wrong, I am now trying again. This time, I have my rabbit with me.



Posted Mar 7, '13 at 11:42pm



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Me in my suit. That's an airsoft gun, before you freak out. Specifically, it's a WG Full Metal 1911 Compact, powered by CO2. Okay?


Posted Mar 8, '13 at 1:46pm



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I will eat your soul.



Posted Mar 11, '13 at 9:14am



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I think it's about time to clean up house in here, because the thread is going off topic with spam posts at a downhill speed! I actually expected better from some of you... (those I'm referring to, probably know who I'm talking about here, right?) *tsk tsk tsk* =)

First, let's get that image for pwnnoobsgetmoolah up for shows!

Here we go, presenting: pwnnoobsgetmoolah!

As for the tidying up in here, I went ahead and deleted 11 recent posts that weren't according to the thread's rules... please remember and respect those guys, ok? Thank you! =)

And for those ready to throw it all back in my face... I'll ninja you all and state that I will be posting an image of 'moi' soon and that this post was merely to help a user with her image and notify you all about the sweep. HA! =P


Posted Mar 26, '13 at 1:31am



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San Andres Colombia


Posted Mar 27, '13 at 5:26pm



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Whaddup homiezzz


Posted Apr 1, '13 at 9:37pm



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I thought today might be as good a day as any other to reveal myself to the AG community.

As you all may know, I've been sort of running Most Bizarre Food Flavors - 2012/2013 Edition for almost a year now, as well as the 2011 edition that didn't last nearly as long. Well, it turns out I've been sharing my love of bizarre foods for a little while longer; November 1, 2006 to be exact. However, before 2011, the only way I was able to spread the joy of bizarre foods from around the world was through television. The Travel Channel, to be exact.

You may know me by my real name, Andrew Zimmern.

I love that shot because it truly captures the complex emotional levels of appreciating bizarre foods.

Here I am peeking out from behind a pair of grilled frogs in Bangkok:

And here I am in Spain with a goat that's ready to be cooked. You can tell how I feel about holding this guy... and how he must feel about me holding him! Haha! Just kidding though, he's dead.

Don't forget to check out my newest episode of Bizarre Foods America, which airs tonight on the Travel Channel!

Watch me explore the Ozarks and the bizarre things they eat there, such as fried rabbit legs, Arkansas black bear cracklins, and everybody's favorite, bacon-wrapped cow breast!


You can't tell me you're in any way shocked by this. Just look at the similarities:

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