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"Rate Spammers"

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Posted Dec 12, '10 at 1:16pm



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Ok I know people do it to get armor points but what is the point? I have a suggestion I think AG should implement something along the lines that the game has to load and then they have to play a fixed amount of time like lets say the game has 20 levels. They have to play the tutorial and beat at least 5-7 levels and then they can rate and comment on the game. Good idea?


Posted Dec 12, '10 at 2:52pm



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This is already in another topic. I'll give you a good link. =P

Here you go


Posted Dec 12, '10 at 2:54pm



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This thread goes really in-depth on this topic, though it's locked:

Well I guess from a spammer's point of view, the point of rate spamming is to gain AP in the easiest, most effortless way possible. All you need to do is click a button and you gain 2AP, without waiting a set period of time to click again. Anyway, that thread above goes into detail on how to effectively eliminate rate spam. Will this be implemented? I dunno. The last moment in that thread was Cormyn saying "we'll discuss it further" (paraphrased). I would stick around for that one. He *did* say it was a good idea :P