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Posted Dec 15, '10 at 11:36pm



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similar to myspace... My question is "would it be possible to attach a song to our profiles that will play when people visit the page?" I think it would spur a lot of conversations and interest in the sight. It would make socializing with the other Armorgamers more appealing. The mod's surf the user pages as it is to weed out spam so if they come across a song that is unacceptable it wouldn't be too difficult to cancel out their music priveleges... plus there are lots of people who already report abuse as is, so that would be another way of keeping things under control.....

i'm not very literate when it comes to computer stuff like site development so I don't have the slightest clue as to whether or not it would even be possible to do such a thing

forgive me if this has already been an issue that has been brought up and possibly shot down. I didn't see it on Cormyn's locked page


Posted Dec 16, '10 at 12:15am



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I don't think you'll be able to do this, and it would lead to annoying sounds, chaos, and copyright claims.


Posted Dec 16, '10 at 1:50am



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Nope, we won't allow this.