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What is this member? (For profile page)

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Posted Jan 13, '11 at 8:38am



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When AG3 comes public, i whould like to see at the profile pages what is the member (ghost account,banned member,Administrator,Moderator,Member)
I found this idea when i post a comment to the Administrator and i thinked he was the administrator,but posted that i was wrong but then i found out that he is the administrator and posted again another message. Click the blue text in here to see the messages.
So, is this a good idea for AG3?


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 8:58am



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It's a good idea for admins and mods, I remember it took months for me to understand if john was an admin, but for the others:
1 you can't look at a banned profile
2 there is not a ghost status. The only way to recognize a ghost is looking at his points. maybe ag3 will say the last time users have been online, but I'm not sure.
3 well if someone is not a mod or an admin, he should be a member.


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 12:58pm



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I think its a good idea. You can look at the about page right now to see all the mods and admins. Also in the forums, its quite clear as to who the mods and admins are, as they have blue and green text respectively and it is also written underneath their name.

Banned users, apart from typing their name and a random password, you cannot know if they are. Also I don't think we should know who the banned users are, as people will be mad or laugh at the person.

Ghosts accounts is what we made up I think. At the moment, there is no way to be 100% sure who is a ghost account and who is not, some people may just be inactive for a while.

So I think somewhere underneath their name on their profile should read "admin", "mod", "normal member".


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 8:05pm



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To chime in, I believe every mod in the team clearly states that they are a mod in their biography (Mrtim, I think you were talking about the list of mods), although some of them get pretty wacky about it. Devoidless states, for instance, that he's a mod 3 times. MRWalker is part of the "mod squad", NoNameC68 is a "rotaredom", and Asherlee is a "murderator".

So, if you're not sure who's a mod, you can always glance at the about page and/or look in their biography to see if something about being a mod is stated.

Banned accounts give you the 404 message.

No one can tell who is a ghost. You can only assume.


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 9:56pm



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Well as frank kinda pointed out, mods admids are the real wird and tuff guys (and gals asherlee!) lol, (no offence) and no I am not a mod just normal weird guy, I am too wierd lol!

But any ways, I agree with the added banner for the comment section and now maybe activitey stream. But ghost profiles are not always ghosts as some people might have limited internet connect or are on vacation or traveling.

But banned poeple are well banned so why would we need to see there accounts...

Many poeple have talked about other titles (me also) but I like the idea if you can fit it all nicely in with it all.


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 10:12pm



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Actually banned accounts give you this page. [url][/url]

And you can check this page to see who is a mod or admin. If you work for AG you automatically become an admin I think. Here is the list. [url][/url]


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 11:55pm



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What everyone has said so far is correct. I also like the idea of letting users know when they're on the profile page of an admin or moderator, but banned users will likely just show you a page saying that username doesn't exist instead of a 404 error.

As for "GhostOf", "AngelOf", etc "clan" accounts, we're going to be working on a groups/clans setup on AG3 which will make these alternate accounts obsolete, and we're going to work on a way to merge data from your alternate accounts back into your primary account, and then disable the alternate accounts. Once we launch groups/clans, I can't think of a single case where having an alternate account would be necessary, and we'll probably add new rules to the site saying that alternate accounts are no longer allowed.

Anyway, I've added the idea to our GetSatisfaction page, so feel free to visit and click on the "I like this idea too" button to let the team know that you like the idea.