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General Relationship Thread

Posted Apr 25, '14 at 11:19am



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sometimes the light that u once had w that one special person was there.... but it burnt out n then left u n complete darkness.


Posted May 14, '14 at 9:09am



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I think relationships that start off from the interwebs can be pretty cool. You definitely know a different side of the person first. While it may be awkward the first few times you meet, I think that's just normal in any relationship. It's just a bit more difficult when it comes to making decisions on where exactly to be together. It takes way more effort and time to make sure the stars are aligned properly.


Posted Jun 29, '15 at 10:43pm



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Is this thread active at all anymore?

Well I have some interesting things to report. A full 2 years ago I had been on this thread asking advice back in eighth grade. If you're that interested all you have to do is go back 20 or so pages. Anyway this girl had made me a pact, saying she didn't want to waste a relationship that she feels could last at such a young age. She said she'd rather wait till maybe junior year. Again you can get the full story on page 193/4. So I and a few other users thought I was being friend zoned. Anyway, flash forward a few months, and a few pages, and her and I had a falling out, and we haven't talked since. It had been about 16 months since we stopped talking. And now we're entering our junior year, and guess who comes back out of the blue. I was/am surprised. We'll see what happens from here. Just thought some of you older users would like that update.

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