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Armatar War - Clan Friendly Version

Posted Jun 11, '11 at 8:02am



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@TheFinalPhoenix I rule this thread; ask Paarfam if you don't believe me. He say on the first page that new clans should be reported to the thread-runner; me.

The leader of your clan(s) must also make a list for the members and their Armatars.

Like that I have on my page;

A Armatar War-clan! Armatar War - Clan Friendly Version.

The members are;

JohnGarell [Runner] [Hydra Armatar]

sprooschicken [Founder] [Red Dragon Armatar]

Holladay15 [Deputy Runner] [Red Dragon Armatar]

jacobo101 [Beetle Armatar]

deathopper [Wing Dragon Armatar]

CalvinDultrey* [Ghost Armatar]

kingjac11 [Pyro Armatar]

ShadowShank696 [Dragon Armatar]

Timmy33 [Snake Armatar]

goldair1 [Gorgon Armatar]

acmed [Elf Armatar]

Razerules [Mad Scientist Armatar]

bunniecorps [Crusader Armatar]

emily2372 [Purple Elf Armatar]

metrotor [Bowman Armatar]

Oblivior [Shield With Green Background Armatar]

valboss84 [Panda Armatar]

Just ask me to join.


Posted Jun 11, '11 at 8:24am



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I'll announce myself as the leader of the Galaxy Clan (only because TFP didn't yet).

Our members are
(myself) EmperorPalpatine [Shield With Grey/Black Background Armatar]

TheFinalPhoenix [Shield With Blue Background Armatar]

CalvinKidd137 [Shield With Orange Background Armatar]

(pending) devouredbyvermin1 [Someone In A Tan Robe With A Cane]

(pending) Slagroom [Orange Fox Armatar]


Posted Jun 11, '11 at 8:35am



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Nice. But you should make links of them; I'm not saying you must; but I suggest you.

ATTENTION! This is the reasons to join us;

-This clan is the biggest.

-Joining us is the smartest thing to do if you don't want battle alone.

-I'll fix a link to your profile on my page.

-I'll also fix a link to a picture of your Armatar.

-You can change your Armatar if you want.

-Everybody can join.

-All Armatars is OK.

-I'll update the list as often as possible.

-The clan is nearly never inactive; we got deputies.

-You don't need to be active when you're in the clan.

-It's free to make suggestions for the clan; I listen.


Posted Jun 11, '11 at 9:39am



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look palpatine is new, he is ignorant of the ways of the armatar, we listen to you, we have no leaders but runners, not tyrants to bully us, but runners to listen to us and coordinate us

there are no conditions of entry like palpatines clan, your entry shall never be pending, you shall be accepted as one of us no matter what you are like, no matter what your armatar, there are no conditions to join,there are no tests to pass

we may have fought you in the past, you may have been an enemy but we will accpet anyone, everyone, current friend or former enemy, whether your aramatar is a mighty dragon or the graceful beetle we will not jusge but only accept!!

I extend an offer to Dechan, Dudeguy, Palpatine and everyother clan, come join us and bring your clans, you shall retain your identities as a sub division of sphrydroosa with your own leader as a deputy runner to help us guide the clan!

refuse this offer of friendship and you shall feel the full might of sphrdroosa! we shall not relent, we shall not give up, we shal never surrender



Posted Jun 11, '11 at 10:12am



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What conditionss? The only reason they're pending is because we basicly sent them a letter of acceptance and they didn't respond yet. We accept anyone who wants to join. There is no test.


Posted Jun 11, '11 at 10:28am



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you dont even need that for our noble clan, you ask, your in simple,


Posted Jun 11, '11 at 11:04am



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I name myself the leader becuz Palpatine didnt read my message and heres a list (im also new kinda and not good at making links)(john im sorry still new)Join us becuz we rule the galaxy and we have ninjaassassins
CoFounder/Leader TheFinalPhoenix (shield blue)
CoFounder/Vice Leader EmperorPalpatine (shield grey/black)
Lieutenant CalvinKidd137 (shield orange)
Lieutenant gizliz42 (elf archer)
Pending: Slagroom,devouredbyvermin1,spartandestroyer,acmed


Posted Jun 11, '11 at 11:08am



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i have heavenhounds too


Posted Jun 11, '11 at 11:21am



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sprooschicken we make sugggestions and the format is to show who joined first (not like your which just separates by who was which armatar) and who is the most loyal and the lieutenants each get group and ninjaassassins to run and and lead into battle against your feeble group me and EmperorPalpatine make sure there is unity and what is your aim ours is to make the galaxy safe against barbarians like you (our war cry is AMERICA for now I'm open for suggestions)


Posted Jun 11, '11 at 11:44am



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we make sugggestions and the format is to show who joined first (not like your which just separates by who was which armatar)

That's fail. We make them ordered by who joined first and not separated by Armatar. It was an coincidence that Holladay15 and sprooschicken chosen identical Armatar.

barbarians like you

You spell wrong and use bad grammar. The "leader" can't even handle links.
We are a united clan; how can the rebels call us barbarians?

We do not divide the clan in ranks; no member is worth more than another.

You use low AP-Armatars including troops who doesn't exist. You also use a fake dominance without proof(s).
Why would they join you?
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