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Gaining motivation

Posted Sep 22, '11 at 2:46am



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What once was a exciting, new project is now a slumbering, boring snail. Where once I could easily end up spending my entire weekend working on my game, now I have to force myself to make a new upgrade or whatever.

My question is, what do you do to stop procrastinating and keep going with projects?


Posted Sep 22, '11 at 9:48pm



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well think of the reward...what you will get i return... of all the positive outcome... what i thing you should post your game on armorgames after you finish the firts upgrade. them make a second using circles instead of squares and have a square robot follow the mouse to dodge...


Posted Sep 23, '11 at 4:48am



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Taking a week long break is good sometimes, that is what I do. If I get any ideas during that time I write them down onto paper just in case I want to program them later. Other than that, finding motivation is different for everyone. My motivation comes from creating something on screen that pushes my own skill set.

I just work on my games in leisure time and usually take long breaks between days of programming. If I was getting paid my motivation would be a little different though.


Posted Sep 29, '11 at 4:53pm



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What I do is just when I start to lose motivation take a break from the game.

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