I spent the day at the Chattahoochee Writers' Conference and Workshop. I got to read several of my new poems, and I met a lot of cool people and had a ton of fun. My state's Poet Laureate was there, though I have to admit that he wasn't exactly well received; so were a few published authors, such as Teresa Davis, Shay Youngblood, and Joshilyn Jackson. Here are some pictures, and later I will post a few poems that I had to write as part of the workshops I attended.

Me reading my poetry:

My friend Jeremiah reading an erotic poem from an LGBTQ book


Jeremiah performing his original poem, Death Row:

Writing from a prompt:

My State's Poet Laureate, Judson Mitcham

The lovely and hilarious Teresa Davis:

It was great and I hope to go again next year.