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Can anyone with Flash CS5 help?

Posted Nov 3, '11 at 3:52pm



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I was making a flash game on the free trial of Flash CS5, and when the trial expired, like the idiot I am I forgot to save it as a compatibility version which could be opened on flash CS4. My school has flash CS4, and I can continue to make it at school, but I cannot open the file. If anyone with flash CS5 could quickly open the file on flash, saved it as a version openable on CS4. I've uploaded the file to megaupload, and the like is below.

If anyone is going to help me, can you upload it to megaupload or a similar website so I can download it to my computer.

Thankyou so much, I am really at a dead end.


Posted Nov 4, '11 at 12:17am



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Yeah no problem, hopefully I really did pick Flash CS4 instead of CS5.

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