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The Last Castle - Strategies

Posted Nov 29, '11 at 2:51am



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So I'm writing this in hopes that others might see it. Time and time again it seems I have teammates that just completely screw up their character creation, or aren't very efficient at playing (most notably the Mage...). Here are some pointers!

Max out melee damage every time. Once done, there is attack speed and health. With a mage healing you, I'd recommend maxing attack speed.

For skills, the most important is maxing out berserk, it's hp regeneration, and it's damage boost properties. After that get whatever...though dash with stun is nice.

Putting stat/skill points into anything else early on is a complete waste and will severely cripple your team.

Your whole purpose is to spam berserk AFTER it has worn off, and lay waste to enemies.

Max out attack speed. You don't need health because you CAN stay away from the enemy....right? RIGHT??? There is no reason to ever take damage with the archer.

While maxing attack speed, also max out focus and its sub-skills. If you have a good mage (which one can only hope for...), then you can pretty much keep focus up NON-STOP. If you can't, yell at your mage.

After attack speed, start getting arrow damage.


This is the most frustrating class that I see people play. The purpose of the mage is NOT TO DO DAMAGE! Please read that last sentence again. You are NOT a damage dealer! If you play mage, be prepared to click 'Q', and click on a teammate. This means EVEN IF THEY ARE FULL ON HEALTH.

Basically you should always just constantly keep streaming mana onto everyone. If you don't do that, then save everyone time and don't bother playing a mage. Your TEAMS damage output will be drastically higher if you don't worry about shooting that fireball and running yourself out of mana...

NEVER EVER cause yourself to drop below 50 mana, to the point where you can not cast heal.

Dump all your skill points into Healing, it's sub-skills, then work on the attacking stick and it's abilities.

For's sort of a toss-up. I like to put just a few points in mana to have some padding. Range is nice to always stay safe...but again if you're good then you don't even need that. Extra dmg is always nice, but don't let it deter you from healing.

Last but not least... if I haven't said it already, the purpose of a mage is to heal. Keep healing even when HP is full. All the time. It has like a 4-5 second cooldown. There should be a stream of blue numbers coming out of everyone non-stop. A mage will make or break a team. If you're not on top of streaming healing, your team will fail.

--Other tips--
Mages can heal the castle.

Health drops more often when you're actually damaged.

Wave 22 is a very difficult wave. Knight will need mage support, and the archer must be on his game and mowing enemies down with his focus ability.

When the sun comes up, all enemies on screen burn. This basically kills all the enemies, but you receive no XP. So, be quick to kill all those slow enemies!

From the looks of it, all XP is equally split, regardless if you kill an enemy or not. So stop being that mage that needs to get killing blows with fireballs, which causes you to stop healing, or drop below 50 mana...

If I can think of any other little tips, I'll post them later! Hope this can help some folks out!


Posted Nov 29, '11 at 8:05pm



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I guess if u use the knight and upgrade berserk to increase attack power, his hp will drop depending on the lv of the attack boost.So have the mage heal the knight when he uses berserk so the knight doesn't accidently kill himself.


Posted Dec 2, '11 at 2:02pm



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Another tip: Don't let a noob or first timer play as a mage because his noob instinct will tell him to do as much damage as possible and to not heal and without healing the castle the game won't be too long.


Posted Dec 4, '11 at 3:29pm



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level's 20+ join me :P


Posted Dec 4, '11 at 3:34pm



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For knight: When a boss approaches you can try to use Stomp to prevent minions attacks when you hit the giant with Berserk all the time, of sure you will need a mage healing you. To run from giants if u have low HP try using Mighty Dash. When monsters reach the castle use Stomp to stop their attack (tell the archer to use first Frozen Flask to do combo with the Frozen Flask first & Stomb then DAMAGE BONUS) and then Berzerker to kill them all.

For archer: Same as knight you can try to freeze all the minions around the giant with Frost Flask and try comboing Focus with Assassinate to beat the giants fast and continue killing the remaining minions. When monsters reach the castle use freeze them with Frost Flask to do combo with knight and keep ussing then ut Focus to rid all.

For mage: Go with the knight side and help him obviously with Heal, keep an eye on archer's mana... he'll need heal to recharge his mana bar to use Focus all time. Starting hard waves try to stay between the knight and the archer near the castle to assist them both; if any wave of monsters reach the castle use Support Stick to assist a little more, then Heal to the castle and knight, if u can use the Fire Ball to burn all the minions around.


Posted Dec 5, '11 at 2:47am



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If you are knight you need to fall back fast to beat wave 22 and up. Dash skill is essential to speed yourself up.

Map: (C: Castle)

You (Knight) and Mage at P, Ranger at Z. After you killed 2 bosses at P-Q, quickly use dash and run to reinforce the ranger and engage the enemy at X-Y. Once dealt with the treats there, quickly fall back to R to help the Mage. Mage is in fact quite powerful at level 30+ after maxing out damage and attack speed such that he can hold that side for awhile until new bosses show up.

It often boil down to how good the Knight is when doing wave22 and above.

I recommend 600 health for the knight if you are above level 30. If you have good teamates it is possible to beat wave 29. Dash to run away if your health is at half, you can run to the other side while you're healing back.


Posted Dec 11, '11 at 9:16pm



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Don't be scared to retreat or else you will die. Don't be scared to ask for help, that's why you have teammates.


Posted Dec 20, '11 at 8:51am



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If your the mage and your lv is at least 18 or above,upgrade max out group heal and heal the castle when damaged.If you heal the castle while you have group heal,it should heal the other teammates so they won't die.


Posted Dec 26, '11 at 10:02am



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Try to get teammates who are around your level or at the minimum of level 27 [they can use all abilities], as well as know when to fall back to support ranger.


Posted Jan 6, '12 at 3:34pm



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could someone teach me how to spam heal properly, i can spam sometimes when clicking fast, but that doesnt happen always, sometimes i spam a lot and other times it spam the abilitie just twice, i need to know how to spam constantly large amounts of heal, thank you

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