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Starting point for Point & Click game

Posted Dec 18, '11 at 4:50pm



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I have a storyline, characters and I'm more than capable of doing all the graphics, but how hard is it for someone with little or no programming experience to put together a Point & Click style game?

Am I facing a steep learning curve, or is there an easier way to do it?


Posted Dec 18, '11 at 5:41pm



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If you're doing this with action script it shouldn't be too hard at all. It might take you a little while to understand how things interact using action script, but once you do it will be nice and easy. You won't have to know too much about programming either(well that's depending on how complex it is). If you're sticking to simple things where clicking one object will maybe make something else do something then action script is the place to do it in.


Posted Dec 19, '11 at 12:40am



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Basically as long as it isn't click to move character here and is instead a specified series of events that the user has to click through then it's pretty much the easiest game to program in flash. I'm sure googleing it will result in many tutorials that should be pretty easy to understand.

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