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[the end] Urgent help with this game!

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Posted Dec 28, '11 at 4:04pm



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Hi everyone, I just bought pac-man for my atari, but I'm stuck on a level. Since this is such I popular game at the moment I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help me. I'm on the first level and keep getting killed by the red ghost.

Any tips??


Posted Dec 28, '11 at 4:35pm



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You eat the big circle to eat the ghosts and get the fruit you pass a level by eating all the circles durrrrr.


Posted Dec 28, '11 at 4:50pm



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No this is the section about video games, they're aren't any video games on ag, they're all flash games which has its own section

and thankyou blk2860

you know this whole thread was supposed to be a joke but once again nobody got it.

just like the time i was walking down the street and a monkey jumped on my head, I said "hey that was pretty random". then this old woman says "thats nothing, he stole your wallet blah blah blah.

I don't recall what else she was saying because i was to occupied watching the same monkey sneek up on this really fit girl. he slides my wallet into the back of her skirt then casually walks away.

Now when i say casually i mean CASUALLY. I mean he went as far to put his hands in his pockets and start histling. now you're probably wondering how did he put his hands in his pocket, well i failed to mention that he was wearing a full tuxedo, I live in quite a good area ao even the wildlife have to look respectable or risk been executed by the village jester.

Anyway back to my wallet problem...well it wasn't so much of a problem now, it was a reason to get my hand...well in a convenient place. i walked up to the lass casually (mind you not as casual as the monkey separted) and slowley edged my hand forward into the top of her skirt.

I was careless. I went in to fast and she noticed. she turned round and I recieved the biggest fright of my life. the body was fine, but what i hadn't noticed before was her face. It was exactly the same as that of the old womans!!


"Ah," the first old woman began "Thats my sister, shes getting old now but manages to keep such a good body by doing regular exercise. One thing she can't change though is her ageing face. Because of this she doesn't get much action so I asked Marvin to help us get a young lad like yourself to [CENSORSHIP] her."

I stood there gobsmacked. "Who's Marvin?"

"The monkey" the second woman said

"Oh that makes sense, but I still have one more question" I said.

"How did you all get in my house?"